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Missing Boy Found By Reporter In Unlikely Place

An 11-year-old boy reported missing by his parents turned up where they least expected him.

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Pit bull mauls 2 kids strapped in car seats inside minivan

Police in Pennsylvania say a pit bull escaped from its yard and somehow got into a minivan, mauling a 2-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy as they sat strapped into their car seats

Why Men Who Are Banned From Wearing Shorts are…

Men protest shorts ban in Europe by wearing skirts to their work. Buzz60's Djenane Beaulieu (@djenanebeaulieu) has more.

'Han Solo' Loses Directors After Months Of…

The "Star Wars" Han Solo spinoff lost its two directors over "creative differences."

U.S. officials say Yellowstone's grizzly bear population no longer threatened, protections will be lifted

U.S. officials say Yellowstone's grizzly bear population no longer threatened, protections will be lifted

Why A Narrow Study On Street Harassment Could Be…

Researchers surveyed men from several Middle Eastern countries but say the findings from the narrow study might apply worldwide.

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian are Just Friends…

It looks like Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are BACK ON!! Or at least shacking up! Seriously, what’s going on with these two!

Juror: 2 holdouts in Bill Cosby's trial refused…

A juror says after 52 hours of deliberations, two holdouts in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial outside Philadelphia refused to convict the 79-year-old comedian

Blackhawks' Hossa to miss next season with skin…

Chicago Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa will miss the entire upcoming NHL season because of severe side effects from medication to treat a progressive skin condition

Caleb Swanigan's rebounding, offensive game could…

Purdue's Caleb Swanigan might be the best rebounding and passing big in this year's draft, so why is he not considered a lottery pick?

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Senate GOP releases bill to cut Medicaid, alter…

Senate Republicans have released their long-awaited bill dismantling much of Barack Obama's health care law

Jerry Nelson, astronomer who built advanced telescopes, dies

Jerry Nelson, an astronomer who designed advanced telescopes that help scientists glimpse far reaches of the universe, has died in California

Facebook wants to nudge you into 'meaningful…

Facebook is nearing 2 billion users and now wants to be a more 'meaningful' force in their lives

Former immigration detainees challenge labor…

People once held in a privately run Colorado immigration detention center are challenging the system used to keep it clean and maintained, arguing it borders on modern-day slavery

Kayaker found alive a day and a half after issuing mayday

A Maine kayaker found by the U.S. Coast Guard shortly after a search was suspended for him says a wave knocked him out of his vessel and he eventually was able to swim to land after issuing a "mayday" call on his radio

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Magnitude 6.8 earthquake recorded off Guatemalan coast

The U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude 6.8 earthquake has hit off Guatemala's Pacific coast