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Could A Mass Extinction Be Triggered By 2100?

An MIT professor has predicted that the Earth could start to undergo a sixth mass extinction by the year 2100.

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Young girl hospitalized by 105 mph foul at Yankee…

A young girl at Yankee Stadium was injured by a 105 mph foul ball off the bat of Todd Frazier during a game against Minnesota, leading some players to call for protective netting to be extended

Flying Motorcycles May Hit The Skies By Next Year

CEO of Kitty Hawk says we could see flying motorcycles as early as next year. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has the details!

Is 'Watchmen' Coming To HBO? This Writer Is…

Damon Lindelof — one of the creators of "Lost" and "The Leftovers" — is attached to the rumored adaptation.

Texas official uses slur to describe prosecutors, apologizes

City official in southern Texas apologizes for using slurs to describe two black assistant district attorneys

Here's A Glimpse At The Latest GOP Health Care…

The bill would end the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion and institute a per-person spending cap for the program.

Kylie Jenner SKIPS OUT on Kardashian 10th Year…

It's the HUGE Kardashian-Jenner Interview Special with Megyn Kelly, and everyone is there... except Kylie Jenner? I'll tell you the one thing that makes this EXTRA awkward.

A Walk Through an Oakland Raiders Tailgate

Fans are angry about the team’s future move to Vegas, but still turning out for one of the NFL’s best tailgating scenes.

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Republicans see political necessity in health…

Republicans are feeling the heat to succeed in 'Obamacare' replacement effort

Deputies help Mount Airy boy through riding therapy

Nevada quake lab tests new bridge design after…

Scientists at a Nevada earthquake lab have tested new bridge designs with innovative connectors to better withstand violent temblors and speed reconstruction following major quake damage

StoryCorps' Thanksgiving Listen asks kids to…

StoryCorps is hoping people give their social media apps a break for a few minutes this Thanksgiving and instead use one designed for listening

NFL report: Cowboys' Elliott not alone in giving up

SEC reveals hack, possibility info was used for…

The Securities and Exchange Commission said its corporate filing system was hacked last year, and the intruders may have used the nonpublic information they obtained to profit illegally

Feds subpoena docs from co-owners of failed nuclear project

Federal authorities have subpoenaed documents from both companies that have abandoned a multi-billion dollar nuclear power construction project in South Carolina

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EDITORIAL: Student body disparities curtail football rivalries

Allegany shuts out Fort Hill

Iowa Supreme Court hears woman's $75 speeding ticket case

An Iowa woman who says she was wrongly ticketed by an automated traffic camera when she wasn't speeding took her case involving a $75 fine to the state Supreme Court