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Ex-Milwaukee officer reaches plea deal in sex assault cases

A former Milwaukee police officer acquitted of fatally shooting a black man has pleaded guilty to lesser charges in sexual assault cases that had gotten him fired

The Best Make Up On Amazon

Make up can be quite expensive, especially when shopping through different competitors. I bet you did not even know that you can buy your favorite beauty products all on Amazon. Here are some of my favorite name brand products I buy on Amazon: stila Matte ‘n Metal Eye Shadow Palette: Normally $49 from Sephora you … Continue reading "The Best Make Up On Amazon"

Teens Don't Mind Online-Only Relationships

Children are having online-only relationships without meeting in real life, and apparently they don’t mind! The New York Post Reports. Buzz60's Sam Berman has the full story.

YouTube's Cracking Down On The Latest Viral Video…

Social media companies are trying to stop kids from eating Tide Pods.

HHS Created An Office For Religious Freedom, And…

The Department of Health and Human Services formed a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, which it says will help protect religious freedom.

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Peter Mayle, author of 'A Year in Provence,' is dead at 78

Peter Mayle, the British author known for his books set in Provence, France, died Thursday at age 78

Judge hears from Olympic gymnasts who were abused by doctor

A Michigan judge has heard from two Olympic gymnasts during a third day of gripping statements from young women who were sexually abused by a sports doctor

Gov't scientists scramble to save research ahead…

NIH's Fauci says agency in scramble to save research as government shutdown looms

South cleans up after unusually intense storm…

Southerners shoveled, scraped and plowed their way out of a snowy deep freeze that brought a region of mild winters to a standstill. At least 15 people have died, including 2 children.

Correction: Science Says-Meteor story

Correction: Science Says-Meteor story

GoDaddy to sponsor Danica Patrick in 'Danica…

Danica Patrick has secured sponsorship money from GoDaddy to race in both the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500

Report links hacking campaign to Lebanese…

Researchers say major blunder has exposed global hacking operation tied to Lebanon's security agency

Amazon narrows list to 20 for its second…

Amazon narrows list of second headquarters to 20 contenders, mainly on the east coast

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US judge seeks internal communications in Turkey case

A federal judge wants lawyers in a criminal case involving a billion-dollar scheme to evade American sanctions against Iran to detail any communications they had with the U.S. and Turkish governments

Former Milwaukee police officer acquitted in fatal shooting takes plea deal in sex assault case

Former Milwaukee police officer acquitted in fatal shooting takes plea deal in sex assault case

Lego Sets You Will Want To Buy

Lego sets are made for just about about anything. Dogs, monuments and skylines are a few of the sets to get excited about. The best thing is, Legos are not just for kids anymore. Anyone can get excitement from building with the iconic blocks. Simple Lego sets can be around 50 pieces. Some sets are … Continue reading "Lego Sets You Will Want To Buy"

Hawaiian's Turned To PornHub After False Missile…

Pornhub's insights show a spike in viewership just minutes after a False Alarm alerting Hawaiian's of an incoming missile was sent out. Buzz60's Sam Berman has the full story.

Saudi Arabia Screens First Films In Decades…

Saudi Arabia is allowing movies to be shown in theaters for the first time since the early 1980s.

Nassar Accuses Judge Of Turning Sentencing Into A…

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina responded by calling Dr. Larry Nassar's complaints "delusional." He faces seven first-degree criminal sexual abuse charges.

Brigitte Bardot: 'MeToo' actresses are…

Former French actress and sex-symbol Brigitte Bardot says most actresses are "hypocritical" and "ridiculous" in protesting sexual harassment because, she said, many of them "tease" producers to land film parts

Governors ask Trump, Congress to do more on…

Governors are calling on President Trump and Congress to do more to fight an opioid epidemic that's killing 90 Americans a day

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Scientists seek super-shot for flu 100 years…

Scientists taking a new shot at a universal vaccine to prevent regular winter flu and the next super-flu, too

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that 2017 was…

2017 was one of the hottest years on record, according to new data from NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. Depending on who you listen to, last year was the second-warmest or third-warmest year since 1880, thanks to slight variations in the methodology used to analyze global temperature. But the one thing that scientists can agree on? 2017 was abnormally, unusually hot, continuing a trend that has seen the five warmest years on record all happen since 2010. The hottest year on record is still 2016, but that's not good news. 2017's temperatures were still far above the historical average, so there's no real regression in temperatures going on here. Instead, scientists are sounding the alarm (again!) about the ongoing trend of abnormally hot years, and the effect that is having on the global climate. "Both analyses show that the five warmest years on record have all taken place since 2010," NASA said in a press release. "Despite colder than average temperatures in any one part of the world, temperatures over the planet as a whole continue the rapid warming trend we've seen over the last 40 years," said Gavin Schmidt, the director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. “The planet is warming remarkably uniformly,” Schmidt continued. “The annual change from year to year can bounce up and down. There is year to year variability, but the long term trends are very clear,” NOAA scientists Deke Arndt added. The difference between the NOAA's findings and NASA's is largely down to the difference in methodology used to measure temperatures in the Arctic. As the Arctic is also the fastest-warming region in the world, the divergence in methodology has a significant impact on the findings. According to NASA's data, 2017 was 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit above the average temperature for the latter half of the 20th century, while NOAA's figures put it at 1.51 Fahrenheit above the average.

iPhone Slowdown Will Soon Be Optional

Apple has somewhat good news for users of older, slower iPhones who don't want to go out and buy a new battery. Tim Cook tells ABC News that a new iOS update—expected in early February, per the Verge —will allow iPhone users to disable Apple's deliberate slowdown of older...