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Woman's ex-husband seeks protection from Missouri governor

The ex-husband of the woman who had an affair with Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is seeking an order for protection from the governor

What is Kylie Jenner like as a mom?

Kylie’s little bundle of joy is now a little over a month old, and although we have seen a few pictures we are all still wondering what Kylie is like as a mom.   “She is a natural,” said the Kardashian family. “Her and the baby are doing well. Kylie and Travis make such a … Continue reading "What is Kylie Jenner like as a mom?"

What Could Have Been The World's Largest Flood…

If you thought the biblical flood of Noah was intense, new evidence suggests that one flood actually refilled the Mediterranean sea.

'Love, Simon' Is A First For LGBTQ Film, But Is…

The film is the first major studio rom-com to feature a gay teen protagonist.

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War 2.0 (Trailer)

This is how cyber and information warfare are blurring the battlefield.

Cardi B Fires SAVAGE Tweet Against This Person!

Cardi B shot off some fire tweets and we are trying to figure out who the tweets were aimed at. Was it Nicki Minaj? Offset? Or Azealia Banks? Who do you think the tweets were aimed at? Should Cardi B just focus on making sure her album drops sometime soon? Let us know in the comment below!

NCAA® March Madness® Is Here!

Now through April 2nd you can catch all the NCAA® March Madness® action right here, anytime, anywhere!

CNN chief Jeff Zucker says Fox News is propaganda…

CNN chief Jeff Zucker sharply attacks rival Fox News, saying that in the post-Roger Ailes era it has essentially become state-run television in support of President Donald Trump


Report: Spurs Hold Team Meeting In Hopes Kawhi…

The San Antonio Spurs had players-only meeting hoping to convince forward Kawhi Leonard to return to the lineup as the season winds down and the team is making their push for the playoffs, reports's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Q&A: The debate over the 'right to try…

'Right to try' legislation is popular with politicians, but doctor and patient groups warn it could expose patients to new risks

Forecasters warn of mudslide dangers in California

Forecasters warn of continuing mudslide dangers as new round of heavy rain arrives in California

Study: 'Legacy' nitrogen also feeds Gulf of Mexico dead zone

Canadian scientists say the Gulf of Mexico's oxygen-starved "dead zone" will likely be a summer fixture for decades, and would persist even if farmers could immediately end all fertilizer runoff

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Trump Says He 'Would Like To' Testify Before…

President Trump again expressed a desire to testify in the ongoing Russia investigation.

Budget bill likely would end Supreme Court email…

The budget bill before Congress includes an update to federal law that makes clear that authorities with a warrant can obtain emails and other data held by U.S. technology companies but stored on servers overseas

The Latest: Facebook co-authored study with Kogan…

Two Facebook employees co-authored a study with embattled Cambridge researcher Aleksandr Kogan that used anonymized data detailing 57 billion friendships around the world in 2015

Worries about China tariffs send stock market…

US stocks are falling sharply as the Trump administration moved to place trade sanctions on China, which could respond in kind

Austin bombings revive trauma of Alabama…

The deadly explosion of a package bomb in Alabama nearly 30 years ago is once again haunting the victim's son as Texas investigates the motives of a serial bomber and the man convicted of the crime in the South is set to be executed

How the Parkland teens are pulling off a…

They can't buy a beer or rent a car and most aren't even old enough to vote, yet the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have spearheaded what could become one of the largest marches in history

Is Selena trying to get away from Justin?

Fans of Selena Gomez saw that she was enjoying her time in Australia but she was missing one thing, Justin Bieber.   Rumor has it that the two are calling it off again. And what better way to celebrate being single again than hanging out on a yacht off the coast of Australia?   Not … Continue reading "Is Selena trying to get away from Justin?"

Are Hamburgers Selling More Than Classic Baguette…

Move over baguette, because the burger is making is making a huge comeback in France.

The Weinstein Co. Files For Bankruptcy

The Weinstein Co. filed for bankruptcy in Delaware and struck a deal to sell its assets.

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US Congress Vote Overshadows Saudi Prince's White…

The recent U.S. Senate joint resolution follows a similar House effort that passed in 2017.

Khloe Kardashian's Wedding To Tristan Thompson…

Khloe Kardashian is preparing to deliver her baby at the moment in Cleveland, Ohio, but apparently that's not stopping her from planning a mega wedding with hubby Tristan Thompson. A source told InTouch that Khloe is already going over mood boards to throw a wildly expensive wedding celebration. The source said QUOTE, “Khloe is ready to go all out.” Do you think Khloe will stay under, or completely blow over the budget? Let us know in the comments below!

Cosby wants judge ousted over wife's sex-assault advocacy

Bill Cosby's lawyers are asking the judge in his upcoming sexual assault retrial to step aside, arguing he could be seen as biased because his wife is a social worker who's described herself as an "advocate for assault victims."