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Chipotle Is Finally Adding A Dessert Option

Everything about Chipotle is already pretty great, because who doesn’t love high quality fast food tacos and burritos? But we just heard that Chipotle is adding dessert to the menu — and ummmm, FINALLY! “One of the new items is called buñuelos,” rep

California dad of missing 5-year-old boy released…

A missing 5-year-old boy's father has been released from jail in an unexpected twist that only deepens the mystery behind the boy's disappearance

Your Dog Can 'Catch' Your Emotions

Dogs can match their owners' emotions in what's known as "emotional contagion," according to new research. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

'Fate Of The Furious' Slows Down But Keeps Its…

"Furious 8" slows down but keeps the top spot this weekend after two films flop on their opening weekends.

Governor wants to out those hired to film animal cruelty

Maine's Republican governor wants to make public the names of those who are hired to film undercover footage of animal cruelty

Parts Of Canada Will Soon Experiment With Basic…

Starting this spring, certain citizens in three cities in Ontario will receive a monthly payment.

Drake is STILL Chasing Rihanna

Since Drake and Rihanna went their separate ways last year, Drake has seemingly moved on. Well, apparently the singer’s heart still belongs to his former love. Drake is reportedly still trying to win Rihanna’s love, but she’s done. “He still calls her several times a week,” an insider said. “He sends flowers and gifts but she’s not interested and just wishes he’d get on with his life.”

Jonathan Demme, 'Silence of the Lambs' director…

Jonathan Demme, the Oscar-winning director of "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Philadelphia," whose Talking Heads documentary "Stop Making Sense" is considered one of the greatest concert films ever, has died at age 73

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'Loyal 'Til The Last Out' teaser

After spending a year inside the 7-Line Army, the New York Mets’ die-hard fan club, SI Films is coming out with its deepest dive yet. “Loyal ‘Til The Last Out’ airs Sunday, April 30 at 10pm ET on MLB Network.

Conservatives back revised health bill, GOP…

The moribund Republican health care bill has received a jolt of life because the conservative House Freedom Caucus has endorsed a revised version of the measure

NASA spacewalking suits in short supply, report…

A new report finds NASA's spacewalking suits are in short supply

FCC chief lays out attack on 'net neutrality…

Internet companies are readying for a showdown with a Republican-controlled government over a policy near and dear to their hearts: net neutrality

HSN CEO to step down to take top job at Weight Watchers

The CEO of the heavyweight of home shopping on TV is leaving that job to take the top spot at Weight Watchers International Inc

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Wildfire on US refuge doubles in size in less than a week

Officials say a wildfire on public lands near the Georgia-Florida state line has blackened 115 square miles (298 sq. kilometers), having doubled in size since last weekend