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Major Discovery In California Could Rewrite North…

Scientists who uncovered mastodon bones found in San Diego could force us to think of when humans first arrived in North America.

Police: Captive woman found crying in pit in…

Police say a man with mental health problems kidnapped a neighbor who had reported receiving harassing phone calls from him and kept her trapped in a small pit in his backyard shed, where her cries for help alerted others and led to her rescue

‘10 Concerts I’ve Been To’ Takes Over Facebook…

Forget political rants and cute baby animal videos. There is a new phenomenon taking over everyone’s Facebook Feeds. Susana Victoria Perez (@susana_vp) has more.

Worker killed in accident at Pennsylvania swimming pool firm

A new employee at a Pennsylvania swimming pool manufacturing company has been killed after he was trapped under a 1,200-pound mold

After Violence And Lawsuits, Ann Coulter Won't Be…

The broadcast personality said she wouldn't speak at the university after the student groups that invited her backed out.

Ariana Grande Rocks EXPENSIVE Outfit At Coachella

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Far-right to rally in Berkeley after Coulter talk…

Far-right supporters plan to hold a rally Thursday to denounce what they claim is an attempt to silence their conservative views after the cancellation of a speech by Ann Coulter at the University of California, Berkeley

Ex-Penn St officials to be sentenced in June over Sandusky

Sentencing has been set for three former top officials at Penn State University who were convicted of child endangerment in the Jerry Sandusky sex molestation scandal

Joe Thomas: I’m already experiencing memory loss

Joe Thomas says he is already experiencing short-term memory loss and expects more memory loss in the future.

Spain offers to host EU medicines agency after Brexit

Spain offers to host EU's lucrative medicines oversight agency after Brexit

Spacecraft survives unprecedented trip between…

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has survived an unprecedented trip between Saturn and its rings

Theme parks: Comcast's under-the-radar growth…

For years, one of Comcast's fastest-growing businesses hasn't been selling cable or internet subscriptions, or making movies and TV shows, or selling TV ads

US stocks flitter close to records in mixed day…

U.S. stock indexes flitter close to records, part of a mixed day for markets around the world

Prosecutors say Ohio man planned to join Islamic State group

Federal prosecutors are accusing a Jordanian citizen living in Ohio of attempting to travel to Syria and fight with the Islamic State against the Syrian leadership

California dad of missing 5-year-old boy released…

A missing 5-year-old boy's father has been released from jail in an unexpected twist that only deepens the mystery behind the boy's disappearance