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Inmate in landmark Supreme Court case denied…

71-year-old Louisiana inmate whose case led to a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision on juvenile-offender sentences has been denied parole more than a half-century after he killed a sheriff's deputy at age 17

Presidents’ Day Deals Are Here

Happy Presidents’ Day Weekend! Presidents’ Day sales are here with some great savings. We’ve rounded up some deals so you know where to shop online. Amazon has too many deals to list them all. However, if you want to do some digging, Amazon has great deals on all kinds of items including mattresses, electronics, clothing, and … Continue reading "Presidents’ Day Deals Are Here"

KFCs in the U.K. Are Running Out of Chicken

Apparently, British KFCs are running out of chicken. Buzz60's Nathan Rousseau Smith has more.

Kate Middleton Might've Worn A Green Dress To The…

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dark-green gown to the BAFTAs, and social media users on Twitter expressed their disappointment.

US Skier Mikaela Shiffrin Drops Out Of Another…

Shiffrin dropped out of Wednesday's downhill race after the alpine combined event was moved up one day to Thursday.

The Winter Olympics Are Here!

Catch live coverage of the Winter Olympics on NBCUniversal Networks. Watch now!

Native images in exhibit questions how America is…

A new exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian uses images of Natives to show how the population permeates American culture


Trump focus on mental health after school…

The U.S. medical community is voicing mounting frustration over the Trump administration's focus on mental illness to fight mass violence

Study cited for blaming autism on TV cartoon does not exist

Harvard didn't blame autism on 'Peppa Pig' TV show, but another study said 'Daniel Tiger' may have helped autistic kids

Turmoil shakes up agency in charge of vast US…

The U.S. agency charged with balancing development and protections for public land has faced upheaval under the Trump administration

Conundrum Of A Fire Alarm With Gunfire: Flee, Or…

At many schools, fire alarms prompt evacuations and shootings prompt lockdowns, but the Florida school had the chaos of both

Israel successfully tests advanced missile defense system

Israel says it's successfully tested system capable of defending against ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere

Paul Ryan Challenger Banned From Twitter Over…

Paul Nehlen is vying for Paul Ryan's Wisconsin House seat, and he won't have Twitter to help him in his quest. The man described by the Washington Post as a "fringe challenger" who lost to Ryan 16% to 84% in 2016 had his account permanently suspended in a move he...

Banker: "Nightmare" dodging extortion attempts in Latvia

Norvik bank has filed an international legal complaint against Latvia in which it alleges that a "Senior Latvian Official" repeatedly sought "to extort monetary bribes," and threatened the bank when its owner refused to pay up

Shooting survivors on potential collision course…

Student survivors of the deadly Florida school shooting hope to become the face of a revived gun control movement and have been critical of President Donald Trump, whose election was strongly supported by the National Rifle Association

US postal worker found fatally shot in mail truck in Dallas

Dallas police: U.S. Postal Service worker found fatally shot inside a mail truck along busy highway, case being investigated as a homicide

Scientists Create Human-Sheep Hybrid

Stanford researchers have just successfully created a human-sheep hybrid in the hopes of growing human organs within. Tony Spitz has the details.

What Do The BAFTA Winners Say About The Upcoming…

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" won five of the top honors at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts movie awards.

3 Volcanoes Are Erupting In Indonesia Right Now

Mount Sinabung on the Indonesian island of Sumatra erupted and sent a huge cloud of ash into the sky.

Album reviews: Melody Gardot, James Hunter Six, MGMT

Few states let courts take guns from people…

Just five states have laws that allow relatives or police to seek a judge's order stripping guns from people who are showing violent tendencies or signs of mental distress

APNewsBreak: Consumers Energy to stop burning…

APNewsBreak: CEO says Michigan-based Consumers Energy will stop using coal to generate electricity by 2040

Dog food recall: Here are all the brands and…

The J.M. Smucker Company announced last week that it was recalling a number of popular pet food products after it was revealed that they may contain traces of a drug that is often used to euthanize animals. The drug, pentobarbital, does "not pose a threat to pet safety" in extremely low doses, but its mere presence is obviously a huge cause for concern. The company has published a list of all the dog food products affected by the recall, including varieties of wet canned dog food sold under a number of different brand names. The brands, which include Gravy Train, Kibbles 'N Bits, Ol' Roy, and Skippy, are sold in a number of different can sizes and flavors. You can read the full list below. These are the brands, styles, and sizes of the dog food affected by the recall: Item Name UPC Item Code(s) Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with T-Bone Flavor Chunks 7910052541 Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Beef Strips 7910052542 Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Lamb and Rice Chunks 7910052543 Gravy Train 22 oz. with Chicken Chunks 7910051645 Gravy Train 22 oz. with Beef Chunks 7910051647 Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Beef Chunks 7910034417 Gravy Train 13.2 oz. with Chicken Chunks 7910034418 Gravy Train 13.2 oz. Chunks in Gravy Stew 7910051933 Gravy Train 13.2 oz. Chicken, Beef & Liver Medley 7910051934 Gravy Train 13.2 oz. Chunks in Gravy with Beef Chunks 7910034417 Kibbles ‘N Bits 13.2 oz. Burger Bacon Cheese and Turkey Bacon Vegetable Variety 12-Pack 7910010377 7910010378 Kibbles ‘N Bits 13.2 oz. Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Meatball Pasta and Turkey Bacon Vegetable Variety Pack 7910010382 7910048367 7910010378 Kibbles ‘N Bits 13.2 oz. Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Burger Bacon Cheese and Beef Vegetable Variety Pack 7910010380 7910010377 7910010375 Kibbles ‘N Bits 13.2 oz. Wet Variety Pack 7910010375 7910048367 Kibbles ‘N Bits 13.2 oz. Chef’s Choice Bistro Tender Cuts with Real Beef & Vegetable in Gravy 7910010375 Kibbles ‘N Bits Chef’s Choice Bistro Tender Cuts with Real Turkey, Bacon & Vegetable in Gravy 7910010378 Kibbles ‘N Bits Chef’s Choice Homestyle Tender Slices with Real Beef, Chicken & Vegetables in Gravy 7910010380 Skippy 13.2 oz. Premium Select Cuts in Gravy with Beef & Bone Marrow 7910071860 Skippy 13.2 oz. Premium Select Cuts with Burgers & Cheese Bits 7910050243 Skippy 13.2 oz. Premium Chunks in Gravy with Smoky Turkey & Bacon 7910050246 Skippy 13.2 oz. Premium Chunks in Gravy with Beef & Chicken 7910050247 Skippy 13.2 oz. Premium Chunks in Gravy 3 in 1 Chicken, Beef & Liver 7910050248 Skippy 13.2 oz. Premium Chunks in Gravy Chunky Stew 7910050249 Skippy 13.2 oz. Premium Strips in Gravy with Chicken 7910050244 Skippy 13.2 oz, Premium Chunks in Gravy with Beef 7910050250 Skippy 13.2 oz. Premium Strips in Gravy with Beef 7910050245 Ol’ Roy 13.2 oz Turkey Bacon Strips 8113117570 As the company notes, the recall is voluntary on its part. That said, the FDA is reportedly looking into the testing and findings that prompted the withdraw of the products, though it has yet to make any official statement on the matter.