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NTSB: Truck hit by GOP train was on tracks after warning

Witnesses to a collision between a train carrying Republican congressmen and a garbage truck in rural Virginia have told investigators the truck entered the railroad crossing after safety gates had come down

Fill Up Your Pantry Now

Get ready to stock your cupboards with a click of a mouse.   Make it easy on you, and your family. When you start to run low, just order your groceries on Amazon, and have them delivered right to your door as soon as two days later.   SunChips Multigrain Chips Variety Pack, 40 Count … Continue reading "Fill Up Your Pantry Now"

Doing This on Date Night Can Make Your…

If you're looking to strengthen your relationship, experts say you should consider going on a double date.

More Celebrities Pledge Donations For March For…

More celebrities are pledging $500,000 donations to the March for Our Lives event in Washington, D.C.

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Dozens Of Students Rally At Florida Capitol…

Students and survivors of the Florida school shooting rallied at the state's Capitol building, demanding for lawmakers to listen to them.

The Winter Olympics Are Here!

Catch live coverage of the Winter Olympics on NBCUniversal Networks. Watch now!

Geraldo Rivera talks weapons age-limits with Trump

Television personality Geraldo Rivera says he has discussed the idea of raising the minimum age to purchase assault-type weapons with President Donald Trump, adding that Trump "took it under advisement."

US panel recommends new adult vaccine against…

Federal advisory panel recommends new vaccine against hepatitis B for adults

Crews used boats to help residents amid Midwest…

Crews are using boats to help northern Indiana residents amid flooding from melting snow and heavy rain moving across the Midwest

NASA's $1B Tower Is Leaning

Since 2011, NASA has been upgrading a mobile launcher originally built for the Ares I vehicle to fit its massive Space Launch System rocket. The project is well over budget—when all is said and done, the revamp of the $234 million tower is expected to cost an additional $678...

Google's digital assistant branches out to Nest…

Google's voice-activated assistant is branching out to Nest's deluxe security camera in an expansion that may amplify privacy concerns

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SpaceX postpones California satellite launch due to winds

SpaceX postpones satellite launch from California due to winds, reschedules for Thursday

UNC-Atrium health care deal hits a snag over who will be in control

Jobs, training, free tickets: Casino woos…

In a city where black residents have long felt excluded from the riches that Atlantic City's casinos generate, a new casinos is making a massive effort to engage with the largely minority community

Speaking out: Students who survived shooting talk…

Many students who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman High School have turned into outspoken gun control advocates

Deals, Deals, Deals

I am all for bargain deals, and where I seem to find the best deals, is on Amazon. That is where I can find name brand clothing, jewelry and cute stuff for my home at bargain prices.   Because Amazon is cheaper than going to the store, there are even breaks on fun little gadgets. … Continue reading "Deals, Deals, Deals"

Concert Venues Are Beginning to Ban Cell Phone…

Live shows are beginning to take steps to keep you from recording the show. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.

Kate Middleton Might've Worn A Green Dress To The…

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dark-green gown to the BAFTAs, and social media users on Twitter expressed their disappointment.

Trump Lashes Out At Sessions Over Russia Probe…

President Trump directed his Twitter followers to "ask Jeff Sessions" why the Obama administration isn't the focus of the Russia investigation.

Brit Awards adopt white rose symbol to signal…

Music stars will wear white roses on the Brit Awards red carpet to support campaigns against sexual harassment and assault

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Correction: Florida Shooting-Mental Health story

Correction: Florida Shooting-Mental Health story

Bizarre deep-sea fish can turn its eyes into…

Life in the deep reaches of the oceans often takes on unusual forms to suit its surroundings. Some species of fish evolve into strange shapes and invent entirely novel methods of hunting prey in the dark. A new research effort has revealed that one particular species, called the triplefin, is capable of redirecting light with its eyes and is even able to change the hue of the light to suit its specific hunting needs. The research, which was published in Royal Society Open Science, explains how the fish has developed what they call "ocular sparks" that capture the scant incoming light and reflect it outward for the purpose of stalking prey. The fish appears to have full control over the reflective regions of its iris and can adjust the color of the reflected light between blue and red in rapid fashion in order to better see its victim. "The triplefin Tripterygion delaisi can alternate between red and blue ocular sparks, allowing us to test the prediction that spark frequency and hue depend on background hue and prey presence," the researchers write. "In a first experiment, we found that blue ocular sparks were significantly more often ‘on’ against red backgrounds, and red ocular sparks against blue backgrounds, particularly when copepods were present." A second experiment sought to determine whether fish which hadn't eaten recently were more likely to use their fancy photolocation abilities, but that turns out not to be the case. Still, it was abundantly clear that the color of the surroundings was a huge factor in which hue of ocular spark was used, cementing the theory that the fish is in complete control over its tiny "flashlight" eyes. Many deep sea creatures utilize light in interesting ways. Some are capable of bioluminescence, meaning that they generate their own light either to lure in prey or to help locate and orient themselves while hunting. The triplefin's eyes don't generate their own light, instead relying on whatever light managed to filter down to the depths where the fish dwells. However, the triplefin is the first fish species that has demonstrated the ability to alter the hue of its reflected light at will, making it a very special creature.