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Bitcoin futures rise as virtual currency hits…

Security based on volatile digital currency bitcoin to begin trading on major US exchange for 1st time

After allegations, Moore avoids spotlight…

Wounded by allegations of sexual misconduct with teens, Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore has largely disappeared from the traditional campaign trail in the race for U.S. Senate, relying on surrogates and social media

Travis Manion Foundation carries on legacy of…

Veterans and survivors honored at gala

The 2020 Census Looks Like An Uphill Battle

Leaders are concerned about several challenges that could affect the accuracy of the count.

Oklahoma City officer shoots and kills man after scuffle

Police say a man was shot and killed in Oklahoma City by an officer after the man took pepper spray and a Taser away from the officer during a scuffle

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New evacuations as huge Southern California fire…

A powerful flare-up on the western edge of Southern California's largest and most destructive wildfire sent residents fleeing Sunday, as wind-fanned flames churned through old-growth brush in canyons and along hillsides toward coastal towns

10 Things to Know for Monday

Among 10 Things to Know: Who lays low in Alabama election run; Where sexual harassment comes with the job

Eric Shawn reports: A U.N. visit to North Korea

Amb. John Bolton on the impact of United Nations diplomacy

California's Fires May Be 'The New Normal…

The rain that normally ends California's fire season hasn't come this year.

Pioneering black journalist Simeon Booker dies at age 99

Simeon Booker, a trail-blazing journalist and the first full-time black reporter at the Washington Post, has died at the age of 99.

A look at what didn't happen in the Alabama…

A look at what didn't happen this week in Alabama's high-profile Senate race

Sexual misconduct often part of the job in…

Court documents, interviews indicate workers in hospitality industry are routinely subjected to sexual harassment, but the behavior largely goes unchecked

Conservative students kicked out of campus coffee…

Fordham University students were wearing 'Make America Great Again' hats.

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The Official Number Of Puerto Rico Hurricane…

Several reports put the official number of deaths from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico at over 1,000. But the official death toll is much lower.

Plane crash on Molokai kills 2 people

Maui fire officials say two people have died in a plane crash on Molokai, a Hawaiian island located between Oahu and Maui

Idaho man upset with court tries to crash into…

Authorities say a man upset with the court system tried to crash a car into the courthouse in downtown Boise, Idaho

Driver rescued from car quickly sinking into icy…

A driver whose car plunged into an icy Massachusetts pond has been rescued from the frigid water

Veterans brew up 'Battle Ground Coffee'

'Fox & Friends' continues celebration of veteran-owned businesses.

Oil Embargo On North Korea Could Lead To Famine…

Experts warn an oil embargo could have a dire impact on the country's 25 million people.

More private university chiefs top $2M as pay keeps climbing

Study finds presidents of America's private universities saw their pay increase by 9 percent in 2015; topping the list was Wake Forest University's Nathan Hatch, at $4 million

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The Latest: 'Very abnormal' December snowfall in…

No records were broken, but the National Weather Service says the heavy snow storms came earlier than expected in Georgia

The Fingerling Is This Year's Must-Have Toy

The hottest toy this holiday season might just be a five-inch robotic monkey that grabs onto your fingers, passes gas, and sings a tune. The Fingerling is this year's Beanie Baby or Cabbage Patch Doll. The $15 creature that blinks and snores is coveted by millions of kids, and their...

High school conservatives sue district over…

'Fox & Friends': Students are suing over the response to a Veterans Day anthem protest.