Durbin presses DHS chief on DACA, immigration

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) questions Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen on President Trump's comments on Haiti and African nations, immigration, and DACA.

How to prepare and survive a nuclear bombing

The CDC wants the public to plan and prepare for the possibility of a nuclear strike as tensions rise between the United States and North Korea. What kind of steps can you take to protect yourself from radiation and other potential environmental hazards?

Will Dems force gov't shutdown if they don't get…

Shutdown showdown looms as Friday deadline approaches; reaction from Dan Palmer, former adviser to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, and Jim Kessler, former legislative and policy director to Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Semi crashes into school hurting 4 people…

A semitrailer truck veered off a highway in southern Minnesota and crashed through the wall of an elementary school, injuring four people including two children in a classroom

Indiana firefighter reunites with Kmart bombing survivor

An Indiana firefighter who rushed to save a 5-year-old girl after she picked up a makeshift bomb hidden in a retail store was surprised during his retirement party to be reunited with the now 34-year-old woman

Oklahoma prisons director says overcrowding…

The head of Oklahoma's prison system is warning lawmakers that state facilities are crumbling, guards are overworked and underpaid and the problem is expected to worsen as more men and women are being sentenced to long stretches behind bars

French leader Macron in Calais urges new migrant…

President Emmanuel Macron is visiting the port city of Calais, where hundreds of migrants hide out while trying to make an end run to Britain

Man arrested over girlfriend's body found wrapped in plastic

A man has been arrested after his girlfriend's body was found wrapped in a sheet and plastic in a home southwest of Detroit

Floating adverts created by spinning tech

Spinning LED strips are used to create video images that appear to float in mid-air like holograms.

The New York Times - Black Colleges in the Age of…

From The New York Times: The President’s dealings with these important institutions has ranged from out-of-touch to outright bizarre.By: By STANLEY NELSON. Watch the original video on Times Video:

This Country Is Making It Illegal to Boil Live…

Boiling lobsters alive — a common practice for cooks transforming the popular crustaceans into a meal — will soon be illegal in Switzerland

Mystery Chamber in Great Pyramid Might Hold Iron…

A mystery chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt could hold an iron throne, carved from an ancient meteorite, according to a new theory. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Romney declines to say whether he'd run for Utah Senate seat

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has declined to say whether he would run for a Utah Senate seat being vacated by Republican Orrin Hatch

New official to lead emergency system after missile alert

Hawaii Gov. David Ige has appointed a new head to the state's emergency management agency after a faulty alert was sent to cellphones warning of an incoming missile attack

Bitcoin rollercoaster dives 18% on crackdown fear

Bitcoin slides 18 percent to four-week low as fears grow about a possible regulatory crackdown on the cryptocurrency market. Matthew Larotonda reports.

The Latest: Jeep Cherokee makes perilous trek down steps

Fiat Chrysler's revamped Jeep Cherokee compact SUV came toward the stage of the Detroit auto show from about 10 feet above, with the driver making a perilous trek down a jagged set of stairs

The Latest: Mother of captive kids 'perplexed' by…

California authorities say the mother of 13 children kept locked in filthy conditions was "perplexed" about why police came to their home

Larry Nassar's Accusers Speak Out During Sexual…

Several women who have accused the former sports doctor spoke out against him during his sentencing hearing Tuesday.

Trump: I want immigrants 'from everywhere'

Pres. Trump was asked to clarify his remarks, after he reportedly blasted a number of nations as 's***hole countries' and added that the US should get more people from countries like Norway.

Click, tap, buy: Holiday shoppers spent record amount online

Shoppers spent a record amount online during the holiday season

Acosta: WH officials blocked us from questions

CNN's Jim Acosta says the White House press wranglers shouted and blocked reporters from doing their jobs when the press asked about President Trump's immigration comments.