Schiff: White House put a gag order on Bannon

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) says the White House placed a "gag order" on Steve Bannon during his meeting with the House Intelligence Committee regarding the Russia investigation.

Sessions: Dems scuttle immigration reforms that…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the Justice Department appealing a lower-court ruling that blocked the Trump administration from ending DACA and the new report and terrorism and immigrants. #Tucker

Tucker: NJ governor's priority is illegals, not…

Tucker's Thoughts: New New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy creates first-of-its-kind government agency devoted to protecting the rights of illegal immigrants and undermining laws. The message is clear: His priorities aren't his citizens. #Tucker

FEMA: Hawaii didn't need approval to retract…

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says the state of Hawaii didn't need federal approval to retract a cellphone alert mistakenly sent over the weekend warning of a ballistic missile attack

Frigid temperatures trail storm dropping more…

A wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain has blanketed a large swath of the South, trailed by a blast of frigid air that could approach record low temperatures

The Latest: Hawaii congresswomen want hearings on…

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says the state of Hawaii didn't need federal approval to retract a cell phone alert mistakenly sent over the weekend warning of a ballistic missile attack

Young Hong Kong activist sentenced to 3 months in…

A Hong Kong court has sentenced democracy activist Joshua Wong to three months in jail in a contempt case stemming from 2014 protests

Ex-CIA officer arrested, charged with keeping documents

Former CIA officer arrested and charged with illegally retaining classified records, including names and phone numbers of covert CIA assets

Motor City goes driverless

Detroit Motor Show: Autonomous vehicles move centre stage

The New York Times - Coming Soon: Conception

From The New York Times: There is no singular experience of becoming a mother. Our video series brings you first-person accounts of love, regret, doubt and strength.. Watch the original video on Times Video:

The U.S. Has Cut Half of Its Aid to Palestinian…

The Trump administration on Tuesday cut tens of millions of dollars in money for Palestinian refugees, demanding that the U.N. agency responsible for the programs undertake a “fundamental re-examination,” the State Department said.

Mystery Chamber in Great Pyramid Might Hold Iron…

A mystery chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt could hold an iron throne, carved from an ancient meteorite, according to a new theory. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Thai court drops royal insult charges against academic

A Thai military court has dropped royal insult charges against an 84-year old Thai historian who questioned whether a Thai King had actually defeated a Burmese adversary in combat on elephant-back over 500 years ago

9 face hazing charges in death of Florida State pledge

Nine men are facing hazing charges in connection with the death of a Florida State University fraternity pledge

Wall Street falls with oil prices

The Dow briefly surged above 26,000 for the first time Tuesday before lower oil prices dragged the index into the red. Fred Katayama reports.

Immigration deal distant as leaders try to avert…

Disgruntled conservatives threatened late Tuesday to scuttle Republican leaders' plans to prevent a weekend government shutdown, saying GOP leaders now lacked the votes to push their proposal through the House

Meteor?: Bright light, loud noise rattle Michigan residents

The National Weather Service says the bright light and what sounded like thunder in the sky across the Detroit metropolitan area may have been a meteor

Surveillance Program Clears Senate Hurdle Despite…

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden argues the bill to reauthorize FISA Section 702 "ought to be open to a real Senate debate."

'The Ridiculist' pokes fun at 2018's odd start

From the debate over President Trump's vulgar comment about immigration to Sen. Orrin Hatch's invisible glasses, 2018 is already way too weird. CNN's Anderson Cooper has the latest on the Ridiculist.

Wave of lawsuits filed to block net-neutrality…

Wave of lawsuits against beings against the Federal Communications Commission's repeal of net-neutrality rules

CNN host slams Trump allies for shielding him

CNN's Erin Burnett questions why allies of President Trump continue to dodge questions regarding controversial remarks made by the President.