What the end of the transgender ban means to Sage Fox

Sage Fox is a transgender woman and U.S. Army Reserve Captain. She reacts to the Pentagon's end to the transgender ban in the military.

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Courthouse gunman in custody dispute faces new charges

An Arizona man who shot and killed the mother of his grandchildren outside a courthouse after a custody hearing in rural Arizona is now facing first-degree murder charges

Minnesota woman accused of hiding machete used in beheading

A Minnesota woman is accused of hiding a machete her boyfriend allegedly used to decapitate a man she said raped her

Police: Man kills 3 kids at home, wife near store, then self

Authorities say a man chased and gunned down his wife outside a drug store and killed their three children at an apartment in Las Vegas before apparently shooting himself, leaving five members of a family dead

The Latest Cheating Scandal In Professional Cycling: Hidden Motors

The hottest new way to cheat in pro cycling is with hidden motors — hence the International Cycling Union's new thermal cameras.

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There's a Reason Your Spaghetti Spoon Has a Hole

Here's a fun thing you probably didn't know but there's a specific and useful reason why your spaghetti spoon has a hole in it. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has that reason.

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Meet A Few Of Iraq's Orphans Who Lost Their Parents To ISIS

The aftermath of ISIS' stronghold on Sinjar and the city's later liberation left dozens of children without parents.

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Queen marks deadly Somme centenary at Westminster Abbey

Queen Elizabeth II is attending a service at Westminster Abbey on the eve of the centenary of the Battle of the Somme of World War I. Prince William, his wife Kate and Prince Harry are attending events Thursday at the Thiepval Memorial in France

Cowboy on horse who snarled traffic on NY bridge is arrested

New York City police have arrested an 80-year-old man who gained national fame by riding his horse around the country saying he was a cowboy who wanted to help hungry children

Dinosaur Killing Asteroid Almost Got Us Too

A new study is saying that not only did the Dinosaurs die from the asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago but 93% of mammals passed as well. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the story.

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Senators urge Kerry to address political crisis in Bahrain

A group of senators is warning that a simmering political crisis in Bahrain could spiral into violence, encourage meddling by Iran and weaken a key U.S. ally in the Persian Gulf

Transgender People No Longer Banned From Openly Serving In US Military

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the military is eliminating its ban on letting transgender people openly serve in the armed forces.

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California governor denies parole for ex-Mexican Mafia chief

Gov. Jerry Brown is again blocking parole for a former leader of the Mexican Mafia prison gang who now helps law enforcement

Asian markets: Brexit not the only worry

Mixed messages from Asia - and a reminder of less recent risks - as a survey shows China's economy rebounding in the second quarter, but Japan factory orders at a three-year low. David Pollard reports.

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Self-driving car driver killed in Florida collision, a first

Federal officials are reporting the first self-driving car fatality in the U.S.

The Latest: Lawyer says he hasn't given client Syed news yet

An attorney for a man who won a new trial after a popular podcast took up his case says he hasn't yet been able to reach his client to tell him the news

Elon Musk Is Giving Away 'Golden Tickets'

Only those who reserved Tesla's forthcoming electric car, the Model 3, have a chance to win.

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Donald Trump jokes that a Mexican plane could 'attack'

While campaigning in Manchester, New Hampshire, Donald Trump said that a plane flying over the event could be from Mexico preparing for an attack.

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Google serves a 'Nougat' to fans of its Android software

Google is serving a new morsel for fans of its Android software

Britain's Brexit Fallout: What Happens Next?

'Connect the World' explores the political turmoil after the country's historic vote to leave the European Union.

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Man at center of 'Serial' podcast granted a new trial

After spending 16 years in prison, a man convicted of murder who was at the center of the podcast "Serial" has won a new trial in Baltimore

Robber steals presidential coin from oldest US park ranger

Authorities say a robber attacked the nation's oldest full-time park ranger in her San Francisco Bay Area home and made off with a coin she received from President Barack Obama

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Judge faces deadline for decision on Indiana abortion law

A federal judge is facing a deadline for deciding whether to block a new Indiana law banning abortions sought because of fetal genetic abnormalities

Report: Donald Trump Is Vetting Chris Christie As A Potential VP Pick

Christie suspended his campaign in early February and was one of the first to throw his support behind Trump.

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New Evidence Supports Pluto's Subsurface Ocean Theory

New evidence coming our way as a result of NASA's New Horizons mission is saying that Pluto has a subsurface ocean. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the rest.

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