School panel hears case of member known for…

A one-time Tea Party candidate for New York governor who publicly insulted former President Barack Obama and his wife appeared before the state's education commissioner Thursday

US officials to lift Yellowstone grizzly bear…

Protections that have been in place for more than 40 years for grizzly bears in the Yellowstone National Park area will be lifted this summer after U.S. government officials ruled that the population is no longer threatened

California beehive heists lead to felony charges

Authorities in California have filed felony charges against two men charged with possessing more than 1,200 stolen beehives that belonged to beekeepers from as far away as Missouri, Montana and North Dakota

Nancy Pelosi remains defiant despite calls to…

Some Democrats fear they'll be doomed in the upcoming midterms under her leadership; Peter Doocy has the story for 'Special Report'

Trump says he did not record any of his Comey…

The president went back to social media to try to answer the burning questions about his tweets; Kevin Corke has the details for 'Special Report'

Brexit: May offers hope for EU citizens, wins…

British Prime Minister Theresa May is promising that EU citizens will not be kicked out of Britain when it leaves the union and says their fate will be a top priority in Brexit negotiations _ prompting guarded praise from other EU leaders

Judge says Wisconsin youth prisons overuse pepper spray

A federal judge branded Wisconsin's juvenile prison for boys as a "troubled institution" on Thursday, saying it puts too many inmates in isolation and over-relies on pepper spray and shackles

Fierce Fighting as Iraqi Troops Push into ISIS…

ISIS fighters are making a determined stand as Iraq’s military advances into Mosul’s Old City, where over 100,000 civilians are trapped by the fighting.

How to install a Nest Cam

Getting your new security camera up and running in under 5 minutes.

‘Deserted’ village: why did they leave?

The village chief of Badibu Saaba, in the Gambia, explains how most of the young men have left. But six months after electing a new president, will things soon change?

The New York Times - How North Korea Deals With…

From The New York Times: At least 16 Americans have been arrested in North Korea since 1996. Each situation is unique, but there are common threads when it comes to how and when they take Americans into custody.By: By BARBARA MARCOLINI, CHRIS CIRILLO and DAVID E. SANGER. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Yellowstone's Grizzly Bears Are No Longer…

Protections that have been in place for more than 40 years for grizzly bears in the Yellowstone National Park area will be lifted this summer after U.S. government officials ruled Thursday that the population is no longer threatened.

GOP senator shares his concerns over health bill

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., discusses the GOP effort to overhaul health care, why he won't vote yes on the bill until he reviews it, opioid coverage and making Medicaid sustainable.

Matthews: Democrats haven't figured out how to…

The defeat of the Democratic candidate in yesterday's Georgia special election should be a yellow light to all those who think they've got this Trump thing all figured out.

Panel: When Politics Becomes Religion, Tribalism…

David Brooks, Amy Walter, Eugene Robinson and Danielle Pletka join the MTP Panel to discuss heated political rhetoric and the shooting on a Congressional baseball game practice.

Recent News

Officials Warn That Balls Of Fire Ants May Swarm…

In case you thought floods weren’t bad enough, residents may have worry about balls of fire ants forming in the rushing water.

Armed services chairman to seek $640 billion in DOD spending

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee says he'll push to increase defense spending by $37 billion more than the Trump administration proposed to pay for more troops and new weapons

Prosecutors: 'Dirty old Santa' arranged sex tryst with child

Prosecutors say a 56-year-old man who referred to himself as "dirty old Santa" traveled to a Philadelphia suburb to have a sexual tryst with a 14-year-old girl he lured online and has been arrested

Peru's Congress votes to oust finance minister

Peru's opposition-controlled Congress dismissed the finance minister, a blow to President Kuczynski's efforts to jumpstart the faltering economy. Fred Katayama reports.

Senate GOP unveils 'Obamacare' overhaul, but not…

Senate Republicans have launched their plan for peeling back former President Barack Obama's health care law

ACLU accuses Minnesota officers of brutalizing suspect

The American Civil Liberties Union is accusing law enforcement officers of a brutal attack on an assault suspect in Minnesota

John Oliver Is In Legal Trouble For His Rant…

John Oliver is being sued by Bob Murray, a coal CEO and the target of Oliver's latest story about issues in the coal industry.

Uber knew fired exec had info at center of Google theft case

Uber says former CEO Travis Kalanick knew a self-driving car expert accused of stealing trade secrets from Google possessed information that didn't belong to him before he joined Uber last year

Police: Man killed father with bat at county…

Police say an attorney found dead in the home of his estranged wife, the treasurer of a Pennsylvania county, was fatally beaten by his son with a bat on Father's Day