President Trump to announce new North Korea…

Trump hosts a trilateral meeting on the rogue regime

California sues to block President Trump's border…

William La Jeunesse has the story

Illinois court upholds murder conviction of Drew…

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that use of hearsay testimony to convict former Chicago-area police officer Drew Peterson in the death of his third wife was proper

NTSB: Engineers in NYC-area train crashes had sleep apnea

Federal investigators have found that the engineers of two New York City-area commuter trains that crashed into stations were both suffering from severe sleep apnea

South Korea urges North Korea to abandon nukes…

South Korea's president is urging North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and seek dialogue

Kenya electoral officials set Oct. 26 as date for…

Kenya's electoral commission has announced it has moved the date for a fresh presidential election to Oct 26

Texas official uses slur to describe prosecutors, apologizes

City official in southern Texas apologizes for using slurs to describe two black assistant district attorneys

Nest shows off home security tech, Amazon may be…

The most important stories in tech include Nest introducing a series of new products that aim to make home security simple. Meanwhile, Amazon is rumored to be working on a new device that will let you interact with Alexa whenever you want.

'Oppression makes me work harder'

The Turkish author Orhan Pamuk on how the current political climate in Turkey has affected his work.

The New York Times - Meet The Man Who Dresses…

From The New York Times: Hervé Pierre designs for a very specific customer: First Lady Melania Trump. We take you inside his New York City studio.By: By ALEXANDRA EATON, VANESSA FRIEDMAN, STEVE BLISS and WILL LLOYD. Watch the original video on Times Video:

President Trump Stays Mum on Iran Nuclear Deal…

President Donald Trump has determined how he wants to approach the Iran nuclear deal — which he has called the worst agreement ever negotiated by the United States — but has not told even his top national security advisers what his decision is.

Dems in worst shape since 1929; what can they do?

Time's Michael Duffy joins Morning Joe to preview the magazine's latest issue, which looks at what Democrats can do to regain strength before 2020.

Kasich on Obamacare: It's flawed but we should…

With the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal gaining steam, Governors have come out to voice opposition against the latest attempts.

Confederate Monuments Become Flashpoint At…

Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam squared off over how to handle confederate monuments during the Virginia Governor’s Debate, moderated by Chuck Todd with NBC Washington.

Flying Motorcycles May Hit The Skies By Next Year

CEO of Kitty Hawk says we could see flying motorcycles as early as next year. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has the details!

Federal employees ordered to attend anti-leaking classes

Employees at the Environmental Protection Agency are attending mandatory training sessions this week to reinforce their compliance with laws and rules against leaking classified or sensitive government information

Feds subpoena docs from co-owners of failed nuclear project

Federal authorities have subpoenaed documents from both companies that have abandoned a multi-billion dollar nuclear power construction project in South Carolina

Yoko Ono forces 'John Lemon' drink to re-brand

Yoko Ono has threatened a Polish beverage company which produced a new drink called "John Lemon" with legal action, saying that it infringed the trademark of her late husband. Mia Womersley reports.

SEC reveals hack, possibility info was used for…

The Securities and Exchange Commission said its corporate filing system was hacked last year, and the intruders may have used the nonpublic information they obtained to profit illegally

The Latest: 'White Allies Only' rally planned in St. Louis

Another protest is planned for Thursday evening in St. Louis, but this time, the demonstrators are expected to be largely white

Here's A Glimpse At The Latest GOP Health Care…

The bill would end the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion and institute a per-person spending cap for the program.

StoryCorps' Thanksgiving Listen asks kids to…

StoryCorps is hoping people give their social media apps a break for a few minutes this Thanksgiving and instead use one designed for listening