Low-income residents losing homes as New Orleans…

Low-income residents are losing their homes in New Orleans as housing subsidies expire and rents soar

Sinkhole swallows up car in downtown St. Louis…

A sinkhole has opened up and swallowed a car in downtown St. Louis

Q&A: Border officers play key role in enforcing…

Much of the burden for enforcing President Donald Trump's revised travel ban will fall on U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers

Vatican cardinal faces sexual assault charges

Cardinal Pell takes a leave of absence to fight the charges

An inside look at the brutal Pyongyang regime

Greg Palkot reports

Retired judge to lead inquiry into deadly London…

British Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed a retired judge to chair a public inquiry into the devastating west London fire that killed at least 80 people, as more high rises failed fire-safety tests

Need a ride? Uber, Lyft running in upstate NY, Long Island

The Uber and Lyft ride-hailing services have begun operating in upstate New York and on Long Island, a move that officials say will provide work for thousands of drivers and reduce alcohol-related road accidents

OnePlus 5's new nifty software tricks

In addition to premium hardware, the OnePlus 5 has some useful software goodies as well.

Tips for street photography in Hong Kong

Carmen Roberts gets a tour of Hong Kong's streets and finds out how to take iconic photographs.

The New York Times - Anatomy of a Scene | ‘The…

From The New York Times: Sofia Coppola narrates a sequence featuring Colin Farrell and Kirsten Dunst.By: By MEKADO MURPHY. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Arkansas Prison Inmate Who Was On The Run For 30…

An Arkansas prison inmate who was on the run for 30 years was arrested while he was visiting his mom.

The Economist looks at the US in the Trump era

The Economist's John Prideaux joins Morning Joe to discuss the magazine's latest special report on Trump's America and if U.S. politics will return to normal.

Colin Jost: Every deal Trump made has been bad

Colin Jost and Michael Che of SNL's Weekend Update stopped by to talk about the latest news, calling out Trump's claim of knowing the art of the deal.

Panel: Is Healthcare Overhaul About Politics or…

George Will, Helene Cooper, Mark Leibovich and Hallie Jackson join the MTP Panel to discuss the Senate's newly unveiled healthcare draft.

Book Your Next Vacation by Using Emojis

Kayak just upped the travel search game. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

The Latest: GOP congresswoman assails Trump for crude tweet

A Republican woman in the House is assailing President Donald Trump for his crude tweet ridiculing a cable news anchor

4 with minor injuries after truck hits cheerleaders' bus

Three girls and their driver suffered minor injuries when a bus carrying cheerleaders home to Phoenix was struck by a big rig truck on Interstate 10 in the California desert

Violence in Argentina as anger over the economy…

Violence on the streets of Buenos Aires as leftist groups angry at the free-market policies of the government clash with riot police. No reporter narration.

Aetna to leave Connecticut headquarters for New York City

Aetna is moving its headquarters to New York City after nearly two centuries in Hartford, Connecticut

Court: Molester who tracked sex abuse earned 2,546-year term

A Pennsylvania appeals court says a child molester who marked a calendar for 20 years for each time he molested his victim deserves the 1,031- to 2,546-year prison term he received

A Top Vatican Adviser Is Facing Sexual Assault…

Cardinal George Pell is one of the highest-ranking officials at the Vatican.

The Latest: EU: Cyberattacks doing more damage…

A Pennsylvania health network that fell victim to a worldwide cyberattack is unable to offer lab and diagnostic services at 14 community and neighborhood offices for a second straight day

The Latest: Drone stops Arizona blaze…

A drone that was spotted flying over a massive wildfire in northern Arizona temporarily grounded all firefighting aircraft Wednesday night