Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington dead

Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the rock band Linkin Park, was found dead, according to a spokesman for the LA County Coroner. He was 41.

Venezuela diplomat says he resigned to protest…

Venezuelan diplomat Isaias Medina says he resigned because of the systematic persecution of civilians, "state terrorism" and violations of the constitution by President Nicolas Maduro's government

Ohio veteran can keep ducks to relieve PTSD…

An Ohio veteran who sought to defy local law and keep pet ducks, that he says help relieve his post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, can now keep them

Ash, not tourists fill Gold Rush-era town near…

The town of Mariposa normally bustles with summer visitors on their way to Yosemite National Park but on Thursday the Gold Rush-era hamlet was mostly empty as ash rained down and heavy smoke from a nearby blaze darkened the sky

Darden on OJ: If only we'd gotten it right the…

Reaction on 'Hannity' from Geraldo Rivera, Gregg Jarrett and former prosecutor from 1994 murder trial Christopher Darden after OJ Simpson is granted parole

Harvey Levin: Justice wasn't served in either OJ…

'Hannity' breaks down the 1994 murder case in his opening monologue

CIA director: Moscow loves to 'stick it to…

CIA Director Mike Pompeo says Russia is expected to stay in Syria, partly because they "love to stick it to America."

US warns South Sudan's leaders that they risk US support

The United States is warning leaders in war-torn South Sudan that they risk losing US support if they don't participate in a high-level forum and stick to deadlines for a cease-fire and political process

Watch CNET's biggest sci-fi nerds review the film…

Luc Besson's newest movie 'Valerian' is not a bad movie, it's just not a good one.

The village dividing North and South Korea

Take a tour of Panmunjom - a UN controlled demilitarized zone (DMZ) on the Korean border where the North and South meet for talks.

The New York Times - Anatomy of a Scene…

From The New York Times: Luc Besson narrates a sequence from "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" featuring Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne.By: By MEKADO MURPHY. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Rand Paul: Health care was broken before the ACA

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says while the government isn't good at 'things,' he wants every American to have low-cost health insurance. Sen. Paul also discusses his thoughts on CBO numbers.

Matthews: Trump thinks he's above the law

With the Special Counsel investigating Trump, Chris Matthews reminds viewers why Trump shouldn't be threatening Robert Mueller.

Trump Laywer: ‘Nothing Illegal’ About Trum…

President Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow tells Chuck “there was nothing illegal to cover up” about Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians during the campaign. Plus, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) talks developments on the health care bill.

Limited-Edition Birkenstocks Are on Sale for…

Birkenstock is selling $799 sandals because it can. They're almost sold out too. Nathan Rousseau Smith (@fantasticmrnate) shows us.

Scaramucci under consideration for top White House job

New York financier Anthony Scaramucci is under consideration to join the Trump administration as communications director

California fire officials say a wildfire west of Yosemite National Park has destroyed 99 structures, 50 of them homes

California fire officials say a wildfire west of Yosemite National Park has destroyed 99 structures, 50 of them homes

North Korea's economy grows quickly despite…

North Korea's economy grew at its fastest pace in 17 years in 2016, despite international sanctions aimed at curbing its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Ryan Brooks reports.

China announces goal of AI leadership by 2030

China's government has announced a goal of transforming the country into a global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030

Homeland security secretary says ports a…

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says security at the nation's ports is a top priority to preventing terrorism

Colin Kaepernick Has Been Passed Over For An NFL…

Dan Orlovsky was signed to the Los Angeles Rams ahead of Colin Kaepernick, even though his numbers are worse.

WAPO: Trump lawyers exploring pardoning powers

President Donald Trump's lawyers are exploring presidential pardoning powers, according to a report by the Washington Post.

Cops wage psychological warfare against online…

A global police operation took down two illicit online drug bazaars in an innovative plan designed to sow uncertainty among buyers and sellers