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Watch: Fuming LaVar Ball drills into son LaMelo, AAU team


Warning: Video contains graphic language

LaVar Ball gave his Big Ballers AAU team a blunt and explicit grilling for some poor play over the weekend. The eldest Big Baller took no prisoners in the impromptu team meeting, calling out the squad for a lack of defense, a lack of effort, and their respective cell phone addictions.

The tirade is about eight minutes long, with the individual roasting of LaMelo starting at 1:57. Parents who can't dish out tough love be warned.

After calling LaMelo "selfish," LaVar then identifies his son's lack of leadership and on-court communication as a weakness.

"You not a leader," said a seriously pissed off LaVar. "You ain't say nothing to nobody."

Another notable moment comes at 3:20 when LaVar calls LaMelo the "weakest link on defense" and that he needs to be more like brother Lonzo at both ends of the floor.

Continuing the roast, LaVar then summarizes the contribution of his youngest son, saying the future UCLA Bruin "ain't doing nothing but letting down (his) team."

Once the LaMelo-specific portion of the tirade came to a conclusion, the team as a whole then came under fire.

"When the shit get hard, I know you ain't gonna come back and win," said the 48-year-old. "I already know it. Because every one of ya got a damn phone and ya wanna tweet and Snapchat that bullshit. Let's win the championship and then Snapchat."

Being a Big Baller comes with big grillings.

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