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Obama Commutes His Last Batch Of Federal Sentences

President Obama has commuted sentences for another group of federal inmates, bringing his total commutation count to 1,715.

Fifth Harmony Performs Without Camila

The group takes the stage at the 2017 People's Choice Awards, their first performance as a foursome after Camila Cabello's exit.

Frank Sinatra's Daughter Comments On Trump’s Use…

On Wednesday, Frank Sinatra's daughter commented on the reported use of ‘My Way’ for Donald Trump’s first dance as president.

Vacation in Sweden and Sleep in the Trees

If you have dreamed of going to Sweden and viewing the Aurora Borealis in person, the TreeHotel might be your answer. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports on this unconventional, yet beautiful hotel option.

NBA collecitve bargaining agreement signed

The NBA and the NBA Players' Association announced that the new CBA has been signed, a seven-year deal effective July 1st.

Rick Perry Says He Regrets His Statement About…

He now says he will be a passionate advocate for the department's core missions

Senators can't pronounce Trump nominee's name

Watch Senators butcher a nominee's name. CNN's Jeanne Moos asks, how would you say "Mnuchin"?

Mail Carrier Attacked After Interrupting Home…

A U.S. letter carrier was airlifted with a head wound after being assaulted in front of a Southern California home that had been broken into, police said Wednesday.

Beats' new budget-priced headphone is…

The affordable Beats EP is a wired on-ear model that's not only well built but delivers decent sound for the money. ca

2017 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst…

We'd like to bid a very fond farewell to our favorite Just Sayin' co-host Ryan, and you'll see just why we're going to miss him when as he and Heather critiques all the red carpet looks from this year's People's Choice Awards. They take a look at the evening's fashion do's and don'ts from Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and many more of your favorite celebrities. Who did you think looked the best (and worst) of the evening? Let us know in the comments section below.

#DearAndy: What's the fastest path to CFP title…

Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples answers your Twitter question about what the fastest path to a College Football Playoff contender for a coach. Visit facebook.com/sicampusrush every Wednesday for more.

Joey Badass Freestyles for GQ

The Brooklyn-based rapper and Mr. Robot actor dropped a few bars at his GQ photo shoot.

The Binding of Isaac- Afterbirth+ Is a Nintendo…

And the first few thousand pre-orders of the boxed version will come with "something special".

Justin Hartley Has Fake Spoilers for 'This is Us…

This is Us star Justin Hartley knowns the show's fans have an insatiable desire for spoilers so he is trying to help by making up some fake ones.

Viral Apple Ripping Challenge?

The ‘Super Sage Apple Challenge’ started by UFC fighter Sage Northcutt wants to see whether or not you can use your bare hands to squeeze or twist an apple in two. Would you take the challenge?

Skittles-Coated Highway Seems Like A 'Stranger…

Thousands of red Skittles fell off a pickup truck and covered a Wisconsin highway in candy-coated confections.

Zayn Malik Has Something in Common With Kim…

Gigi Hadid's boyfriend is making a cameo in "Ocean's Eight" along with Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner.

Trump’s Inauguration Speech ‘A Philosophical…

Donald Trump’s inauguration speech will be more philosophical than policy-oriented, according to the incoming press secretary Sean Spicer.

Ariana Grande Claims 'Hardest Working' Title and…

Ariana Grande has claimed to be the 'hardest working 23 year old on earth'. Not everyone on Instagram agrees. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports.

NFL Gameplan: Conference Championships

SI.com picks three player match-ups you should be watching in the AFC and NFC Championships.

Pennsylvania Mall Sells For $100

The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills just sold for $100.

Trump promises change on inauguration eve

President-elect Donald Trump delivers remarks at the inaugural welcome concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

NYC Bar Plans to Show Adorable Animals on TVs…

Brooklynites now have an adorable alternative to watching the presidential inauguration.

Samsung may finally explain Note 7 failure on…

The results of the company's internal investigation could be announced January 23, according to a report. The Note 7 nightmare continues to linger as thousands of Verizon customers are still using the dangerous phone.

WTF! Kanye NOT Invited to Perform at Trump…

President-elect Donald Trump has been littered controversy ever since he announced his campaign back in 2015. From the Miss USA pageant, to the leaked videotape with Billy Bush. And now, just one day before his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump is again facing controversy - for his inauguration performers. Or better yet who’s NOT performing. Kanye West was rumored to perform after he was outspokenly in support of the president elect. But he was officially dismissed by Trump’s team, and the reason is pretty shocking. This rant during a concert last year had fans scratching heads as many of Kanye’s fans are NOT Trump supporters. Kanye though took that rant a step further and actually met with the soon-to-be president just before Christmas. While president-elect Trump himself admitted meeting with the rapper was to secure him as an “ambassador of sorts,” many also speculated that Kanye would also be performing at the Inauguration. Well, it turns out the rapper was never asked. Here’s what Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee chair had to say. “I mean, he’s great,” Tom Barrack told CNN. “He considers himself a friend f the President-elect, but it’s not the venue. It’s going to be typically traditional American. Kanye’s a great guy, we just haven’t asked him to perform. And we move on with our agenda.” We’ll let you interpret that how you will - but let’s take a look at who ARE the traditional American performers Trump did pick. Americas got talent winner Jackie Evanko will perform the national anthem. Rock band 3 Doors Down will also perform, as will country singers Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood. And who was asked but declined? Classical singer Charlotte Church said no, as did Jennifer Holliday and a Bruce Springsteen cover band. But would Kanye have done it if he were “traditionally American” enough? And really, what does that even mean?? Let us know your thoughts below.

#DearAndy: Will the NCAA impose offseason workout…

Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples answers your Twitter question about whether or not the NCAA will impose offseason workout limits after the Oregon Ducks incident. Visit facebook.com/sicampusrush every Wednesday for more.

Exclusive: Watch The Weeknd’s New ‘Sta…

GQ’s latest cover star reimagines his latest hit

Fire Emblem Heroes Announced for Mobile

During a Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo fully revealed its Fire Emblem mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, which will be available on Google Play for Android on February 2nd, and "soon" on iPhone and iPad.

Ivanka Trump: I'm not first lady

Ivanka Trump says it's "inappropriate" to suggest she will be acting as the first lady after her father is inaugurated.