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Trump Reportedly Changes His Travel Plans As…

A senior White House official told CNN it wouldn't look good if Trump was at his Mar-a-Lago resort during a government shutdown.

Top 10 Movies That Were Hated Before They Were…

Some movies manage to get a bad reputation before they even hit theatres! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Movies That Were Hated Before They Were Released! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be The Emoji Movie, Death Note, or Ghostbusters? Watch to find out!

Hawaiian's Turned To PornHub After False Missile…

Pornhub's insights show a spike in viewership just minutes after a False Alarm alerting Hawaiian's of an incoming missile was sent out. Buzz60's Sam Berman has the full story.

YouTube's Cracking Down On The Latest Viral Video…

Social media companies are trying to stop kids from eating Tide Pods.

The people who feel no pain

Scientists are still trying to find a cure for this rare nervous system disorder

Is it possible to map the entire nervous system?

One lab in the United States is trying to unravel the wiring in our brains

The US Embassy's Move To Jerusalem May Come…

Officials told The New York Times that moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem could happen as soon as 2019.

Mind-controlled prosthetics: the next wave of…

A bionic limb is giving hope, and control, back to shark attack victim Tiffany Johnson

South Korea’s ‘kimchi deficit’ hits record

Low-priced Chinese imports flood the market, causing a record kimchi deficit in South Korea. Yahoo Finance's Seana Smith, Andy Serwer and Ethan Wolff-Mann discuss.

In Chile, Pope Francis Accused Some Sex Abuse…

While in Chile, Pope Francis called accusations against Bishop Juan Barros Madrid "calumny."

Trump touts anti-abortion policies in speech

President Trump speaks in the White House rose garden to participants in the March for Life.

Do you have stock market FOMO?

The rally in stocks has been stunning. But now, are you wondering if it's time to get out? Or maybe you want to put more money in. CNNMoney's Christine Romans breaks down how to approach your portfolio.

Trump Appointee Resigns After Discriminatory…

Carl Higbie stepped down from his post after CNN uncovered discriminatory comments he'd made on various radio segments.

The company making it easier for venture…

Ben White, the owner of VC4Africa, discusses how he created a network to help African entrepreneurs get funding.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Will Take On…

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Friday she is pregnant with her first child.

South Africa is getting smart about A.I.

Artificial Intelligence could add one percent to South Africa's GDP by 2035, here's how the country is implementing the technology.

How Secret Ingredients Get Cooked Into…

The process of appropriating government funds is often about compromise.

The Kenyan ballers that beat Barcelona

Meet the Kenyan youth football team that has taken on the best...and won

Billion-dollar cost hike for California bullet…

New reports reveal California’s bullet train construction project is costing $2.8 billion more than anticipated. What’s happening now and what it could mean in the future.

House Passes Bill To Avoid Shutdown, But It Looks…

Senate Republicans need to convince weary Democrats to vote their way on a temporary spending bill, or the government will likely shut down.

Africa's new home for football greatness

Kenyan kids follow their football dreams to escape the slums

Larry Nassar accuses judge of running a 'media…

Larry Nassar accuses judge of running a 'media circus'

To Fight Rising Generic Drug Prices, Hospitals…

The move comes after for-profit drug companies have forced major increases in drug prices.

The future of football may in East Africa

Watch as a humble youth academy in Nairobi defend their European title

Family of Tennessee Man Killed in Police-Involved…

The family of a Tennessee man who was shot and killed by Shelby County Deputies is disputing the officers' account of what lead to the shooting.

A Pitch Clock Is Probably Coming To MLB Whether…

The new rule would force plenty of MLB pitchers to pick up the pace.

CDC reports 10 more pediatric flu deaths

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the widespread flu activity in every state except Hawaii that has lead to 30 pediatric deaths so far this year.