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Things Keep Getting Worse For Popular Fast Food…

The longtime fast food restaurant is reeling as customers continue to fall ill across several US states.

Dog Tests Positive For Coronavirus

A dog has been placed in quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus.

New Walmart+ Service Poised To Change Retail…

Walmart finally has its answer to Amazon Prime, and customers are freaking out.

Pope Francis Cancels Mass In Rome Due To Illness…

The pope referenced the coronavirus during his mass on Ash Wednesday, then canceled further appearances.

Oprah Makes A Surprising Confession

Oprah Winfrey is one of the world's most powerful celebrities. She is also proving to be brutally honest.

Trump pushing for three-way arms control with…

The Trump administration says it told Moscow this week that the U.S. is open to holding a summit with other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council in hopes of pushing for a three-way arms control pact with Russia and China

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Why A Woman In Belgium Died After Single Sip Of…

Here's why a woman in Belgium died after a single sip of wine.

Macaulay Culkin Is Returning To Acting With Big…

The 'Home Alone' star's involvement was announced by creator Ryan Murphy in an Instagram video..

Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Is Blocked by Federal…

Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Is Blocked by Federal Court The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals made the ruling regarding the program on Friday. The Trump administration's "Remain in Mexico" program required migrants to stay in Mexico until their immigration hearing in the U.S. Formerly called the Migrant Protection Protocols, the policy began implementation in January 2019. Since that time, 59,000 migrants have been put into the program. While awaiting entrance to the U.S., enlistees live in makeshift camps, often in squalid and dangerous conditions. In blocking the policy, the court cited evidence of "serious adverse consequences for the individual plaintiffs." 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, via CNN 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, via CNN

Popular Snack Company Creates Sliced Mayonnaise

A snack company announced it will release individually wrapped slices of mayonnaise starting in March.

Markets Wrap Up Worst Week Since 2008

The good news about the stock market from Friday is that it wasn't half as bad as Thursday and the week is over. The Dow fell more than 350 points as the markets wrapped up their worst week since the financial crisis of 2008, reports CNBC . At one point, the...

Biden Admits He Wasn't Detained In South Africa

Joe Biden has spent weeks telling audiences he was arrested in apartheid South Africa. He claims he was arrested while trying to meet with Nelson Mandela. There has been speculation from the New York Times, Snopes, and The Washington Post that his story is false. On Friday, he told CNN the story wasn't true. "I wasn't arrested, I was stopped. I was not able to move where I wanted to go."

Lions Reportedly Eat Teen In Safari Park

A teenager who went out to cut grass ended up being eaten by lions in a safari park, authorities say.

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Federal Appeals Court Rules 'Remain In Mexico…

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the Trump administration can't send asylum-seekers to Mexico to wait for their immigration hearings.

What are Santa Ana winds?

Southern California is prone to wildfires significantly during the fall season and it's due to the presence of Santa Ana winds.

The High Note

Trailer for 'The HIgh Note' starring Dakota Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Zoe Chao, Kelvin Harrison Jr., David A. Garcia

David Brooks Really Doesn't Want Sanders to Win

David Brooks feels pretty strongly that Bernie Sanders should not win the Democratic nomination, let alone the White House. The not-so-subtle clue is the headline to his op-ed in the New York Times : "No, Not Sanders, Not Ever." Brooks is generally conservative, but he wrote a previous column saying that...

Trump picks Ratcliffe to be top intelligence…

President Donald Trump has picked Rep. John Ratcliffe again to be the nation's top intelligence official, overseeing the 17 U.S. spy agencies that the president has repeatedly scorned

Bigfoot Mystery From Viral Washington Traffic…

Has the Bigfoot mystery surrounding a traffic camera image finally been solved?

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6 Ways to Prepare for the Coronavirus Outbreak

6 Ways to Prepare for the Coronavirus Outbreak With the CDC’s recent warning that COVID-19 will likely make its way into the United States, it’s important now more than ever to be prepared. Here are six ways to best keep you and your family safe as the coronavirus continues to spread. 1. The recent use of the word “pandemic” in reference to COVID-19 may cause alarm, but it’s very important not to panic. Sensationalized headlines may cause people to fear for the worst, but in reality, some infected people don’t even experience symptoms. 2. Because the CDC warned that COVID-19 would cause “disruptions to daily lives,” it’s smart to start stocking up on essentials. Having a backup supply of things such as medication, non-perishable foods and toiletries is always a good idea. 3. While medical masks have become a symbol of the coronavirus in recent months, they’re not actually effective enough to stop the coronavirus. Medical masks are only worthwhile if you’re already ill, as it’ll prevent you from spreading your own germs to others. 4. Buy alcohol-based hand sanitizers and cleaners to disinfect yourself and your home. Alcohol-based products can kill the coronavirus. 5. The simplest way to protect against viral infections is to wash your hands frequently, especially before and after food prep. Try to aim for the CDC’s recommended hand-washing time of at least 20 seconds. 6. The most important tip of all is to stay home if you’re feeling sick. It's better to be safe than sorry. Not only are you helping yourself by resting, you’re also protecting the people around you from possible exposure.

Jackie Chan Has to Deny a Coronavirus Rumor

Jackie Chan is in fine health, thank you very much. The 65-year-old action star had to go online to deny rumors he has the coronavirus and is under quarantine, reports the Hong Kong Standard . "Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say 'thank you' for everybody’s concern!" he wrote...

Trump Wants To Cut The Corporate Tax Rate

On Friday, a top administration official said President Donald Trump wants to cut the corporate tax rate again. Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney says Trump plans to cut it from 21% to 20%. Trump is also mulling a proposal to index capital gains taxes for inflation. The administration is writing a long-promised plan for a second round of tax cuts. “We need to do the second part of the tax bill — we really do, Tax Cuts 2.0."