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Woman On Flight: Passenger Put Hand In My Pants…

One woman had an experience that left her rattled to her core while flying on Spirit Airlines.

The South's Oldest Fast Food Chain Files For…

The beloved chain operates or franchises more than 300 restaurants throughout the South.

How To Slash Every Monthly Bill You Have

Monthly bills taking a toll on your wallet? Here are a few tips to reduce some monthly expenses.

Golf Hall Of Fame Makes Big Change For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods changed the face of golf forever, but no one expected this kind of move.

Weinstein Trial Begins With 'Graphic,' 'Vivid…

The former movie mogul's trail began with an opening statement NBC News calls 'lengthy and graphic.

Cleveland bishop named Philadelphia’s next…

The Vatican has announced that the bishop of Cleveland will become the new leader of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

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Origins Of Life On Earth Were Much Messier Than…

A recent study suggests that the creation of life’s building blocks, RNA and DNA, may have been a much messier process than some theories suggest.

'Adapting And Mutating': Fear Grows Over Mystery…

As the death toll and countries affected by the new coronavirus continues to grow, so too are fears and speculation about a global pandemic.

8 Foods You Should Stock up on in the Winter

8 Foods You Should Stock up on in the Winter Whether you’re preparing for an impending snowstorm or trying to educate yourself just in case, there are a number of essential items you should have stocked in your pantry. Here are the eight best foods to buy in preparation for winter. 1. Cold weather can lead to frozen pipes, which means bottled water is essential. 2. Because of its long shelf life, peanut butter is the perfect protein-packed snack. 3. If your power goes down, canned soup can be a handy meal, as it technically doesn’t need to be cooked. 4. Carb-filled and perfectly paired with peanut butter, bread is an affordable and filling option. 5. With a variety of different types available, crackers are cheap and perfect for munching. 6. Not only is canned tuna packed full of proteins, it can also be safely eaten without being cooked. 7. Honey tastes great on almost everything and has an incredibly long shelf life. 8. Grab your favorite granola and protein bars. These long-lasting snacks are packed with fiber and protein.

Social Security At The Center Of Democratic…

Joe Biden has sought to ease tensions with Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders after the two candidates exchanged several volleys over Social Security and other matters

China Seals Off, Locks Down City of 11M

In a step apparently unprecedented in the history of disease control, China has sealed off and locked down a city bigger than New York or London. Authorities announced Wednesday that public transportation was being shut down in Wuhan, the city of 11 million people at the center of the coronavirus...

GOP On Trump's Ask For Longer Trial: Erm, No

The ever-confident President Donald Trump has been advising the GOP on how they should better handle his impeachment. But according to Politico, Republican senators are turning a deaf ear to his kibbitzing. Senate Republicans have been maneuvering to give Trump as quick an acquittal as possible. However, Trump threw a monkey wrench into the machinations by suggesting he'd welcome a longer trial with lots of witnesses. On Wednesday, Republicans empathized with the president’s call for new testimony. But they also said that they will tune out any outside noise if they can, and potentially wrap up the trial far more quickly than Trump desires. Apparently, that includes the running commentary from a president who demands party loyalty.

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Brexit Bill Clears U.K. Parliament

After years of political deadlock, the U.K. is set to leave the EU by the end of the month.

How to avoid winter migraine triggers

Cold weather, changes in barometric pressure and even certain meals can trigger migraines in the winter. AccuWeather's Bill Wadell explains.

Lamp Life

Trailer for 'Lamp Life' starring Jim Hanks, Annie Potts

Trump Sets New Record for Presidential Tweets

President Trump has once again broken one of his own records for most tweets from an president. According to Factbase , the president tweeted a total of 142 times on Wednesday, firing off most of them as he traveled back to the US from Davos, Switzerland, the AP reports. He broke...

10 Things to Know for Today

Get ready for Thursday, January 23rd with a few things to know about the day’s news from The Associated Press

Earth Is Home To Massive 'Flying Rivers' In The…

The Amazon rainforest is well-known to have large rivers that flow through it, but there’s also a river that runs above its treetops.

Tulsi Gabbard Is Suing Hillary Clinton for…

Tulsi Gabbard Is Suing Hillary Clinton for Defamation The Hawaii congresswoman's lawsuit claims she has suffered damages estimated in excess of $50 million. The suit alleges former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied about Gabbard's ties to Russia during a 2019 podcast interview. Clinton said she felt one female candidate was being "groomed" to be a third-party candidate. Clinton would go on to label this person as a "favorite" of the Russians. When later asked if Clinton was referring to Gabbard, Clinton's spokesman, Nick Merrill, replied, "If the nesting doll fits." While it's unclear if the lawsuit stands a chance of succeeding, the news puts Gabbard back into the headlines. The Democratic presidential candidate will likely need as much publicity as possible ahead of the Iowa caucuses in February.

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'Sheer Panic' After Shooting in Downtown Seattle

At least one gunman is still at large after a shooting that caused panic in downtown Seattle Wednesday night. Police say one woman was killed and at least seven people were injured after a suspect or suspects opened fire outside a McDonald's around 5pm, the Seattle Times reports. Officials say...

Defiant Psychologist Says He'd Design Torture…

James Mitchell is one of the two architects of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation techniques. Business Insider reports the psychologist appeared at a hearing of several Guantánamo prisoners on Tuesday. There, without apology, he testified about the torture program he developed. 'Enhanced interrogation' techniques include waterboarding, rectal feeding, and hanging inmates from the ceiling.