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Starbucks Makes A Big Announcement Amid…

As coronavirus cases continues to surge throughout the US, Starbucks has provided a major udpate.

Bill Nye Returns For 'Life And Death' Warning

'Science Guy' Bill Nye took to TikTok to make a desperate appeal to young people.

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Horrifying New Species Of Walking Sharks…

Scientists documented four new species of walking shark that they say have developed the ability to walk very recently.

America's Most Prestigious Schools Are Suing The…

The Trump administration has been sued over new foreign student visa rules.

Police Release Cause Of Death For Black Man Found…

Authorities have provided an update in death of a black man found hanging from a tree in California earlier this month.

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Chelsea Clinton Has A New Money-Making Plan

Business Insider reports that Chelsea Clinton is forming her own venture capital firm.

Cop Suspended For 'Unfathomable' Post On Dead…

A cousin of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee who's been a cop for 40 years has been suspended over inflammatory online posts following the death of a protester in Seattle.

Trump Stays in Zoolander, Says Ben Stiller

Donald Trump didn't get the reaction 20 years ago when he stepped before a camera that he gets now. When Ben Stiller was making Zoolander , he was filming at the VH1 Fashion Awards when Trump and his wife, Melania, arrived for the show, the New York Post reports. "As people...

IndyCar drivers grateful to have fans back this…

The IndyCar series will welcome fans for the first time of the year during the REV Group Grand Prix doubleheader Saturday and Sunday at Road America in Plymouth, Wisconsin

NASA Spacecraft Captures Electric Blue Clouds

NASA’s Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere satellite captured an image of electric blue clouds stretching over a sizable chunk of the Northern Hemisphere.

New Audio Provides Conflicting Accounts of…

New Audio Provides Conflicting Accounts of Breonna Taylor's Killing The audio includes interviews with Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, and Sergeant John Mattingly, who was injured on the night of her killing. In his interview, Walker recounts multiple knocks and no response upon him and Taylor asking, “who is it?” Conflictingly, Mattingly claims the police identified themselves after repeatedly banging on the door. Walker also told investigators that after telling an officer he had not been hit, the officer responded, “That’s unfortunate.” No arrests have been made in connection with Taylor’s death, which occurred over four months ago.

Mother Nature Puts Crimp in Trump Rally Plans

President Trump's campaign staffers have had their eye for some time on New Hampshire as a state they could flip in November, after Trump barely lost there in 2016. That's why an upcoming rally in New Hampshire over the weekend was viewed as an important one, but it's one that...

Walgreens Puts Stock Buybacks On Hold

Business Insider reports that Walgreens has halted its share buyback program. The pharmacy chain revealed it plans to cut 4,000 jobs after reporting worse-than-expected third-quarter figures. The drugstore giant lost $1.95 per share over the period. Thats $1.71 billion overall. The company's Boots UK division saw same-store sales nosedive 48% over the period. The reason? Walgreens says quarantine orders "compelled consumers to consolidate shopping into grocers." The pharmacy chain's shares traded as much as 5.1% lower early Thursday on the news.

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Commerce Department Called Out Over Hurricane…

Report finds actions by Department of Commerce and President Trump could have chilling effects on public trust of National Weather Service forecasts.

Damaging storms to charge across central US

After rumbling through the northern Plains, the storms will target several larger population areas on Saturday.

Radioactive (Trailer 2)

Trailer for 'Radioactive' starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Rosamund Pike, Aneurin Barnard, Sam Riley, Simon Russell Beale

Trump Slams 'Radical Left' Schools, Adds a Threat

President Trump continued his criticism of US schools Friday as liberally biased and added a threat to remove their tax-exempt status. "Too many Universities and School Systems are about Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education," he tweeted . Trump said he has ordered the Treasury Department to review their tax-exempt status or...

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France Goes Old-School on Notre Dame Design

Since a fire destroyed much of the roof of Paris' Notre Dame cathedral last April, architects have proposed new designs including a rooftop pool and a giant park. But if you're one for tradition, you'll be happy to know those options have been ruled out. French President Emmanuel Macron announced...

Jada and Will Smith address relationship in…

Jada Pinkett Smith has admitted to having a relationship with musician August Alsina when she and husband Will Smith were separated

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Hubble Spots Sculpted Galaxy

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope spotted a sculpted galaxy that’s located about 60 million light-years from Earth.

Seoul Mayor Found Dead After 7-Hour Search

Seoul Mayor Found Dead After 7-Hour Search Mayor Park Won-soon had been reported missing by his daughter after she found a note "like a will" on his desk. Note of Park Won-soon, via NBC News The influential mayor's body was found close to where his cell phone had last been detected at Mt. Bugak in northern Seoul. Won-soon was considered a champion of human rights and gender equality. Many thought he could be a potential presidential candidate for South Korea's upcoming elections in 2022. On the Wednesday before his disappearance, Won-soon had been accused of sexual harassment by a former secretary. Colleagues of the former mayor have described him as "harsh on himself but extremely generous to others." Lee Jong-kul, Colleague, via 'WSJ'