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Dr. Fauci Raises New Concerns Over Asymptomatic…

Last week, the CDC chief told NPR that as many as 25% of people infected with coronavirus may not show any symptoms. Turns out, it could be much worse.

Longtime Singer Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Another prominent celebrity has been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19.

Tips For Making Your Own COVID-19 Face Mask

New guidelines may force many people into making their own face masks. Here are some important tips.

Rising Hollywood Star Dies Suddenly At Age 16

The tragedy was confirmed on social media by many of the young actor's co-stars.

Virus is mostly mild and rarely fatal for US kids…

The first nationwide report on COVID-19 in U.S. children suggests that while the virus usually is mild and rarely fatal in kids, some do require hospital treatment

Uranus' Oddities Traced Back To Ancient Impact…

Scientists say they’ve discovered the reason for Uranus’ notably odd rotation position.

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Tiger at New York Zoo Tests Positive for…

Tiger at New York Zoo Tests Positive for Coronavirus After developing a cough, a Tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York tested positive for coronavirus. According to CNN, the 4-year-old female tiger, Nadia, is the first of her kind to test positive for the virus. According to the USDA, five other tigers and lions at the zoo have also shown symptoms of respiratory illness. Bronx zoo, via statement Bronx zoo, via statement According to the zoo, the animals were infected by a caretaker who was "asymtomatically infected with the virus." The USDA advises those who are sick to minimize contact with animals and pets until more is known about COVID-19.

Navarro: Yes, I'm Qualified to Disagree With Fauci

"Doctors disagree about things all the time." So explains the heated discussion between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Peter Navarro, PhD. The White House trade adviser said that and more when asked by CNN on Monday about a tense White House Situation Room meeting Saturday in which Fauci and Navarro reportedly...

Sanders Advisors Urging Him To Drop Out

The Washington Post is reporting that Bernie Sanders closest allies are urging him to drop out of the 2020 Presidential Race. According to anonymous sources the group includes campaign manager Faiz Shakir and Rep. Pramila Jayapal. Longtime strategist Jeff Weaver has allegedly used a light touch in urging Sanders to drop out of the race. The Post says that Sanders himself has become more open to the prospect of dropping out. Polls suggest that Biden will crush Sanders in Tuesday's Wisconsin primary. A defeat in Wisconsin could push Sanders to drop out.

CDC Says Smoking, Vaping Increase Hospitalization…

The CDC recommends people who are sick, especially people with underlying health conditions, stay home except to get medical care.

This will still be a rough week for COVID-19 cases

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has good news for hospital discharge rates, although this will be a rough week for dealing with the virus across the country.

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Selah And The Spades

Trailer for 'Selah and The Spades' starring Jesse Williams, Lovie Simone, Ana Mulvoy Ten, Jharrel Jerome, Evan Roe

In 2 States, a 'Giant Leap Forward' in Virus…

People who think they might have COVID-19 now have two new locations to go to for confirmation: CVS Health drive-thrus in Georgia and Rhode Island. Per CNBC , the company hopes to handle up to 1,000 tests daily, using Abbott Laboratories' new rapid-testing kits, at the sites in Atlanta and...

What to know about malaria drug and coronavirus…

Some politicians and doctors are sparring over whether to use an old malaria drug called hydroxychloroquine against the new coronavirus

Dog Chasing Ball Rescued After Getting Trapped In…

This dog was rescued after getting trapped in a hole.

Boris Johnson Remains in Hospital for Coronavirus

Boris Johnson Remains in Hospital for Coronavirus The British Prime Minister was admitted into a London hospital on Sunday. He had announced testing positive for coronavirus via a video message on Twitter 10 days earlier. A government spokesman reported Johnson was "in good spirits" after a "comfortable night" in the hospital. Government officials denied Russian reports that Johnson was on a ventilator. Johnson had been in isolation for 10 days. He continues to work from his bed at St. Thomas hospital. Coronavirus cases in the U.K. are expected to peak sometime in the next week. Should Johnson become too ill to lead, members of the U.K. cabinet will choose someone to take over authority of the nation.

Cuomo: New York Deaths May Be 'Plateauing'

It appears that the number of coronavirus deaths in New York state is beginning to flatten out. During his daily briefing Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state had recorded 599 more deaths since Sunday morning, reports the New York Times . That is slightly up from Saturday's 594 but down...

Larry David Says Sanders Should Drop Out

Newsweek reports that comedian and Bernie Sanders impersonator Larry David said Sanders "should drop out" of the 2020 presidential race. In an interview with the NY Times Maureen Dowd David said "everybody" should support former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign. "I feel he should drop out," David told Dowd in the Times piece published Saturday. "Because he's too far behind. He can't get the nomination. And I think, you know, it's no time to fool around here. Everybody's got to support Biden."

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Australia Launches Criminal Probe Into Ruby…

Authorities are looking into whether cruise ship staff misled Australian health officials about a coronavirus outbreak on board the ship.

Rain soaks the Tampa Bay area

For the first time since February, measurable rainfall fell on St. Petersburg, Florida, on April 6.