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McDonald's Halts Reopening Plans In The US

As coronavirus cases continue to surge throughout the US, McDonald's has decided to pause reopening plans.

Prominent Author Faces Shocking Accusations

Dan and Blythe Brown divorced last year, but the drama is only just beginning.

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Man With COVID-19 Admits His 'Stupidity,' Dies…

"Hopefully with God's help, I'll be able to survive this." Thomas Macias wrote those words on Facebook after contracting COVID-19 at a party in June, then died the next day.

These Massive Sharks Have Teeth On Their Eyeballs

If you didn’t already think the mighty whale shark was impressive, just wait until you hear what scientists found on their eyeballs.

'Doomsday' Mom Lori Vallow Faces Horrifying New…

Monday brought two new developments in the case of Lori Vallow's dead children.

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FDA Announces Nationwide Ice Cream Recall

Ice cream sold at Publix, Walmart and other may grocery chains have been recalled across the country.

'It's Sad That Hong Kong Is Dead'

China's new Hong Kong national security law is "a brutal, sweeping crackdown against the people of Hong Kong, intended to destroy the freedoms they were promised," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday as the House unanimously passed new sanctions. The bill targets Chinese officials behind the draconian law, banks who...

Visa lottery winners feel cheated by Trump's visa…

Each year the United States offers up to 55,000 visas in a lottery to civilians who are from countries underrepresented in the U.S. population

Michael Cohen Announces Release Timeline For His…

Michael Cohen, who worked as an attorney for President Trump, announced when his tell-all book about his former employer will be released.

Google Stadia Supporting Wireless Controller on…

Google Stadia Supporting Wireless Controller on Android Phones The streaming gaming platform is continuing to roll out new features. This latest move will be encouraging for players using an Android mobile phone. Via Google Stadia community blog Via Google Stadia community blog Via Google Stadia community blog

Former Racing Mogul Becomes a Dad at 89

Bernie Ecclestone proved it's never too late Wednesday by becoming a dad at age 89, CNN reports. The former Formula One boss had his first son with wife Fabiana Flosi, 44, joining three daughters from Ecclestone's earlier marriages. The son's name? Ace, of course. "It was all so easy," says...

Pop Singer Sia Becomes A Grandmother

Sia has announced she is now a proud grandmother. The 44-year-old Australian star shared the news on DJ Zane Lowe's Apple Music podcast. She told listeners the younger of her sons recently became the father of two new babies. She said that the kids currently call her "Nana", but she is hoping they will call her "Lovey" instead. Back in May, the pop singer revealed that she had adopted to sons who were "aging out of the foster care system:".

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New Zealand's Health Minister Resigns After…

David Clark breached New Zealand's lockdown measures at least twice in April.

Downpours to drench South into holiday weekend

Some areas could receive as much as 10 inches of rain from the persistent wet weather.

Father Soldier Son

Trailer for 'Father Soldier Son' starring Brian Eisch

Dozens of US Diplomats Fell Ill. Then, an…

Diplomats in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak inside the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia went outside official channels to reach out to Congress last month, fearing their health was in jeopardy. Dozens had fallen ill following a birthday barbecue, and a Sudanese driver for the diplomats had died, the...

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The World's Richest Person Is Now Richer Than Ever

Get a raise last year? Jeff Bezos saw his gains go up, too—by $56.7 billion, which makes the world's richest person literally richer than ever, Bloomberg reports. His wealth rose along with a 4.4% surge in Amazon stock, which put shares at a record $2,878.70...

US tries to seize Iranian gas heading toward…

U.S. federal prosecutors are seeking to seize four tankers they say are sailing toward Venezuela with 1.1 million barrels of gasoline supplied by Iran

KKK Robe Found During Meth Raid In Georgia

A KKK robe was found during a Tuesday meth raid in Jonesboro, Georgia.

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Amazon Web Services Launches Space-Focused…

Amazon Web Services Launches Space-Focused Business Unit Amazon Web Services is expanding with the introduction of Aerospace and Satellite Solutions. Retired US Air Force Major General Clint Crosier will be leading the segment. He has described the current era as the "most exciting time in space since the Apollo missions." Major General Clint Crosier, via statement Major General Clint Crosier, via statement The new unit will strive to "reimagine space system architectures" and "transform space enterprises," while also launching new services to "process space data on Earth and in orbit."

Jeffrey Epstein Confidant Ghislaine Maxwell…

Jeffrey Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell has kept an extremely low profile since his arrest and suicide , but NBC News reports that her whereabouts are now known: She's under arrest in New Hampshire. The network says the FBI arrested Maxwell on crimes related to Epstein. ABC News confirms the arrest, noting...