About the SPAM WebApp

How does my SPAM Web App work? When a message is being received, it is either determined to be SPAM—and discarded—or clean mail—and delivered to your inbox.

Are there different settings for my SPAM Web App? Yes. When you choose "high," "medium," or "low" for your SPAM setting, a filter is created on your account, which will be labeled based on your preferences. When you choose another SPAM setting, your original preference will be replaced with the new one. If you choose "none," the filter will be removed altogether.

Why does it appear that my SPAM Web App isn't working? SPAM Web App is very efficient at removing unwanted SPAM, making it seem as if it may not be working. Although it may appear this way, it is actually removing SPAM behind the scenes so that it never is visible in your inbox.

Removing Spam

Most filtering of unsolicited automated email (also known as spam or junk mail) is handled by a spam filter before those email messages reach your Inbox.

Email that might possibly be junk mail, but is not certain to be junk, is placed in your Junk folder. You can review these messages and either move them out of the Junk folder or delete them. If you do not move or delete the messages, they are purged after a number of days.

If you are receiving a large number of unwanted email messages, contact us. Reporting email as spam helps us to fine-tune spam filtering.

Mark Email as Spam

  1. Select the message to mark as junk.
  2. On the toolbar, select Spam.

You can also right-click the message and select Mark as Spam.

The email is moved to your Junk folder.

Mark Email as Not Spam

Sometimes messages that are not junk are placed in the Junk folder. You can move the messages to the appropriate folder.

Empty the Junk Folder

The contents of the Junk folder are automatically purged after an administration-configured number of days. You can empty your Junk folder any time.

  1. Right-click the Junk folder and select Empty Junk.
  2. Click OK.

Spam Mail Options

If you notice that certain email addresses are always being incorrectly added to your Inbox or Junk folder, you can identify those addresses to block or not block.

  1. Go to the Preferences > Mail page.
  2. Scroll to the Spam Mail Options section.
  3. In the Block messages from text box, enter email addresses that should always be treated as junk. You can list up to 100 addresses.
  4. In the Allow messages from text box, enter email addresses you trust that for some reason end up in your Junk folder, such as newsletters you subscribe to. Messages from these email addresses are never blocked. You can list up to 100 addresses.
  5. Click Save.

Maintaining a Trusted Addresses List

You can specify email addresses from specific domains as trusted addresses so that embedded images in messages you receive from these addresses automatically display when you open the message.

You can add up to 500 addresses to this list.

  1. Go to the Preferences > Trusted Addresses page.
  2. Enter the email address or domain name in the text box.