Here's How Americans Spent Their Stimulus Checks

Here's How Most Americans Spent Their Stimulus Checks

Grocery Prices Skyrocket Throughout The US

U.S. Grocery Prices Going Up

Connecting Vitamin D To COVID-19 Mortality Rates

Here's the reports.

Cruise Bookings Soar Despite COVID-19

According to TMZ, a Cruise Planners representative says cruise bookings have dramatically increased since Carnival announced its plans to resume some cruises in August.

Toyota Profit Plummets On Virus Outbreak

Toyota Motor Corp. expects a sharp plunge in its fiscal fourth quarter profit after the global pandemic slammed vehicle sales and halted production at its auto plants

Does This Animal Hold The Key To Virus Cure?

Llamas are known as sociable animals with pleasantly soft wool—and now, a possible cure for the coronavirus. Scientists say llamas and alpacas at a research farm in Belgium are producing special antibodies that show promise in stopping the coronavirus, the Washington Post reports. A new scientific paper says these...

Doctors Alarmed By Bizarre New Virus Symtpom

During the coronavirus pandemic, an unusual phenomenon has emerged: some COVID-19 patients with dangerously low oxygen levels are not in distress at all. Dr. Oz has the details.

Trump Blasts Bush's Call For Unity

On Saturday, former president George W. Bush called on America to drop partisan politics in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. By Sunday, the current president had responded. The New York Times notes that Bush did not refer to President Trump in his video calling for unity, but Trump appears...

Millions Return To Work In Italy

Italy was the first country to implement a nationwide lockdown over the pandemic back in early March.

Newspapers Analyze Trump's Pandemic Language

The New York Times and the Washington Post have both come out with stories this week based on a similar premise: They analyzed all of Trump's coronavirus press briefings—before the president announced he would start skipping them —to look for patterns in his language. The results aren't flattering, with...

Macy's To Reopen Dozens of Stores, With Changes

Dozens of Macy's stores, closed since March 18, are set to reopen Monday. The company plans to have 68 of its 775 department stores reopened by the start of next week, with limited hours of 11am to 7pm. These are in states that have loosened restrictions. A quarter of the...

CDC Updates Official List Of Coronavirus Symptoms

The list of possible symptoms of the coronavirus has grown. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its official list of indicators, CBS reports, which had been just fever, cough and shortness of breath. The last one has been elaborated on, as well. The signs that you might have...

Dr. Fauci Shares Thoughts On Testing In The US

The US is conducting 1.5 million to 2 million coronavirus tests a week, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, which sounds like a lot. But he said that's only halfway to the level the nation needs. "We probably should get up to twice that as we get into the next several...

FDA Authorizes At-Home Coronavirus Test Kit

The FDA has authorized an at-home coronavirus test kit.

Dead People Still Receiving Stimulus Checks

The dead may tell no tales, but they do get stimulus checks—and media reports are cropping up about relatives wondering what to do with the windfall. "Obviously, she does not need stimulus right now," Jeanne Siracuse tells NBC News about her mother, who received $1,200 despite her death...

Facebook Reveals County-by-County Coronavirus Maps

This time, Facebook hopes to use data collection for the greater good. (Unlike, say, this time .) The company on Monday unveiled a map that tracks coronavirus symptoms county by county across the US, reports CNET . The idea is to help hospitals and local health officials get a better sense...

Popular Burger Chain Returns $10M Government Loan

Last week brought the news that the $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program set up to help small businesses amidst the coronavirus pandemic had already run dry . Now its balance apparently sits at $10 million, thanks to ... Shake Shack. The burger chain late Sunday announced that it would "immediately return" the...