Prosecutor: Huawei defense turning US extradition…

A Canadian prosecutor says by requesting the inclusion of additional evidence the defense team for a Chinese executive wanted in the U.S. is coming close to turning an extradition hearing into a trial

The New High-End Apple Watch

Apple unveils its new line of smartwatches that contain a myriad of impressive new features.

Guy Balances Himself Over a Board Placed on Top…

This guy displayed an amazing acrobalance trick. He balanced himself on the top of a board placed over a heap of rolls in a circus. His audience cheered him as he performed his act.

TikTok Debuts New in-App 2020 Elections Guide

TikTok Debuts New in-App 2020 Elections Guide. According to The Verge, the guide will be available to U.S. users starting Tuesday. It can be found via TikTok's Discover page or landing pages for election-related content. Using BallotReady, it will provide users information about federal, state and local canditates. We’re partnering with TikTok for their elections guide because younger voters often do not realize everything that will appear on their ballot, .., Alex Niemczewski, CEO of BallotReady, via The Verge. ... and we believe that TikTok can help them vote their entire ballot, Alex Niemczewski, CEO of BallotReady, via The Verge. Our elections guide is built with user privacy in mind, .., Michael Beckerman, TikTok vice president and head of US public policy, via blog post. ... so a user must visit the website for a state or a non-profit for anything that involves sharing their information, including registering to vote, Michael Beckerman, TikTok vice president and head of US public policy, via blog post. Interactions with this guide in our app have no bearing on future TikTok experiences, such as recommendations or ads, Michael Beckerman, TikTok vice president and head of US public policy, via blog post. TikTok has previously made other attempts to protect the platform from misinformation, . including banning deepfakes and implementing more content moderation policies

Disney to lay off 28,000 at its parks in…

The Walt Disney Co. is planning to lay off 28,000 workers in its theme parks division in California and Florida

Where Do America's Happiest Employees Work?

Here are some workplaces that many believe houses the happiest employees in the United States!

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Google Maps to Roll out Feature Indicating…

Google Maps to Roll out Feature Indicating COVID-19 Infection Rates in Local Areas. The new update will make users aware of how the virus is progressing in different locations so they can plan ahead before traveling. There will be the option to add a layer called "COVID-19 info," which shows the amount of new cases per 100,000 people. . It will detail the areas where infections are rising or declining via a color-coded system. Google has used "multiple authoritative sources," including 'The New York Times,' . to source the relevant data, which is available for the 220 countries supported on the app

Bereft of scripted shows, opening week ratings…

With the coronavirus having thrown a halt to the production of most dramas and comedies, television ratings for the first week of the fall season were way down compared to last year

Financial Advice from Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban has built a fortune, but long before his billionaire status, he was struggling financially like many other Americans.

Judge Allows US TikTok Downloads to Continue for…

Judge Allows US TikTok Downloads to Continue for Now. On Sunday, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols gave the China-based app more time to sort out its issues with the Trump administration. The order allows American app stores to continue offering TikTok downloads. TikTok released a statement, saying it "will continue defending our rights for the benefit of our community and employees.". At the same time, we will also maintain our ongoing dialogue with the government to turn our proposal, which the president gave his preliminary approval to last weekend, into an agreement, TikTok, via statement. Judge Nichols did not provide a ruling on a second ban that would prohibit U.S. companies from working with TikTok

Trump facing devastating debt load? Experts say…

President Donald Trump reportedly must pay back more than $300 million in loans over the next four years, raising the possibility his lenders could face an unprecedented situation should he win a second term and not be able to raise the money: foreclosing on the leader of the free world

Best Credit Cards For Groceries

The COVID-19 pandemic has Americans cooking at home in record numbers. Now is a great time to chose a credit card that pays yo back for buying groceries.

Winning numbers drawn in 'SuperCash' game

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Sega Is Reportedly Developing a Live-Action…

Sega Is Reportedly Developing a Live-Action 'Yakuza' Movie. According to 'Variety,' the video game company has teamed up with 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep Content to bring their hit game series to the big screen. Although no script writers have been linked to the movie, Erik Barmack, Roberto Grande and Joshua Long will serve as the film's producers. While details surrounding the film's narrative are currently unknown, 'Variety' and 1212 Entertainment have hinted that it will follow the adventures of the franchise protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu. 'Yakuza' offers us a new playground in which to set compelling stories with complex characters in a unique environment that audiences have rarely seen before, 1212 Entertainment, via statement to 'Variety'. The saga of Kazuma Kiryu has a built-in cinematic appeal - a mix of kinetic action with bursts of comedy, multiple converging storylines, and a gripping journey towards redemption, 1212 Entertainment, via statement to 'Variety'

Texas officials: No earlier concerns after…

Texas officials say water samples taken earlier this year from a Houston-area community didn't raise any concerns before the detection of a deadly, microscopic parasite

La Nina Will Worsen Hurricanes and Fires

La Nina has arrived and weather forecasters say it will be here throughout the winter. adding to the Atlantic hurricane season and the wildfires out west.

Padres vs. Cardinals series at a glance

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Teases Future Games From…

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Teases Future Games From Bethesda. The gaming studio was acquired by Microsoft as part of its $7.5 billion ZeniMax buyout. . Spencer says he knows what the studio is working on next, . and he promised an "incredibly exciting time" ahead. I have the benefit of knowing the future roadmap and having some insight into the things that have been both announced and unannounced that the teams are working on, Phil Spencer, on Major Nelson's podcast. It's an incredibly exciting time for the work that Bethesda's studios are doing, as they continue with the craft of creating games... , Phil Spencer, on Major Nelson's podcast. ... and also thinking about how our medium of gaming continues to evolve and their role in that, Phil Spencer, on Major Nelson's podcast

California sues US regulator in bid to deter…

California’s attorney general is suing the Trump administration in an effort to crack down on  “ghost guns” that can be built from parts and make it difficult to track or regulate owners

Quit Smoking By Embracing Cravings

A new study says if a smoker acknowledges their cravings, it can actually help them quit smoking. Success is also found with quit-smoking apps.

Winning numbers drawn in 'Lucky Day Lotto' game

Facebook Has Closed Over 150 Fake Chinese Accounts

Facebook Has Closed Over 150 Fake Chinese Accounts. The social networking site has infiltrated accounts linked to a Chinese network interfering with politics. . The unnamed network had amassed 130,000 followers. . It was violating Facebook’s rule of Government Interference. The content on the now-closed Facebook accounts was believed to be U.S. political propaganda. . Facebook linked a group of individuals based in Fujian, China.

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Biden releases 2019 taxes as pre-debate contrast…

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden paid nearly $288,000 in federal income taxes last year, according to returns he released just hours before his debate with President Donald Trump

How To Recharge During COVID

Keeping track of the changes in your life during a pandemic, combined with a fitness tracker can help find out why your energy levels are low.

H.S. ROUNDUP: Brockton boys golf tops Dartmouth