Trump signs extension of COVID-relief fund for…

President Donald Trump has signed into law a temporary extension of a subsidy program for small businesses battered by the coronavirus, The legislation extends the June 30 deadline for applying for the program to Aug. 8

Health Benefits Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a healthy choice when it comes to a tasty snack and it is as a great source of protein, but over eating can be bad for you.

Today in History - Sunday, July 05 2020

World's Fastest Supercomputer Joins the Fight…

World's Fastest Supercomputer Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 Japan's Fugaku supercomputer recently surpassed a U.S. IBM machine as the world's fasted computer. Now, it's being used to help tackle the global health crisis. Satoshi Matsuoka, head of Riken Center for Computational Science, commented about the computer's capabilities. Satoshi Matsuoka, via statement Fugaku is already being used to develop a better understanding of how coronavirus can be halted in specific environments such as office spaces. Researchers hope it will help to identify potential treatments for the disease in 2021. Fugaku is able to carry out 2.8 times more calculations per second than the IBM computer known as Summit.

Stimulus money could pose dilemmas in nursing…

Nursing home residents are among the Americans getting $1,200 checks as part of the U.S. plan to revive the economy

Juice Is It Healthy?

Juice bars and smoothie shops have exploded in popularity in recent years, but is juice really that healthy?

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Don't Miss! - 7/5

Don't Miss what's on TV tonight.

Adobe Officially Confirms the End of Flash Player

Adobe Officially Confirms the End of Flash Player In 2017, the computer software company announced it would cease to produce updates for the Flash Player. Now, Adobe has confirmed that the flash player will no longer be supported after December 31. Adobe, via statement Adobe gave three years' notice to Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft so they could "migrate existing Flash content as needed to new, open standards."

Across Sun Belt, hopes for economy give way to…

For residents across America’s Sun Belt — business owners and workers, consumers and home buyers —  the past three months have delivered about the scariest ride in memory

Ways to Lose Weight Over the Weekend

Weekends are usually rest days after a busy week, but making your days remain structured and active can help shed a few pesky pounds.

Xbox Celebrates Pride Month With $250K Donation…

Xbox Celebrates Pride Month With $250K Donation and More In addition to the donation, Microsoft is "honoring" Pride month by unveiling plans for its gaming division, including a curated list of inclusive titles across both its console and PC collections. Microsoft store category manager Garron Ballard provided updates via the Xbox website. Garron Ballard, via Xbox website Garron Ballard, via Xbox website He also addressed the company's gaming roster, and revealed these titles will be highlighted throughout the month. Garron Ballard, via Xbox website Garron Ballard, via Xbox website

The Latest: S Korea has 60-plus new virus cases…

South Korea has recorded 60-plus COVID-19 cases for a third consecutive day, a continuation of a virus spread beyond the greater Seoul area

Foods That Could Lead to Weight Gain

There are many foods that on the surface don't seem to be unhealthy, but your belly may say otherwise. This video gives us examples of many of those pesky foods!

South Dakota cross country releases schedule

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Facebook Allows Users to Turn off Political Ads

Facebook Allows Users to Turn off Political Ads Mark Zuckerberg announced that the app will give people the choice to mute ads promoting parties they are not interested in. Mark Zuckerberg, via 'USA Today' The social network's sister app, Instagram, will also have this function. It's currently rolling out in the U.S., but it will be made available in other countries later this year.

Trump, Biden fight for primacy on social media…

Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign is feverishly working to develop a social media force that can compete with President Donald Trump's well-established digital “army” of meme makers and political influencers who retweet campaign messages in support of him

Walnuts, A Powerful Snack?

A tasty snack, walnuts are one of the oldest known tree foods and have been providing humans with nutrients for centuries!

Plasma donations, steroids combat virus locally

Free PlayStation Plus Games for June 2020

Free PlayStation Plus Games for June 2020 According to 'Forbes,' 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' and 'Call Of Duty: WWII' are available next month free of charge. They follow 'Cities: Skylines' and 'Farming Simulator 19,' which dropped in May and can be downloaded until June 1. 'Battlefront' and 'Call of Duty' are first-person competitive shooters in completely different settings. They will be available to play until July 6. EA's 'Battlefront II' puts you in various scenarios from the legendary 'Star Wars' film series. Gamers can choose to play on the sides of the Empire and First Order or take part in the Resistance. In Sledgehammer Games' 'Call of Duty,' take part in multiple missions across Europe inspired by historical events. Besides the standard story mode, you can also switch over to multiplayer.

As Texas reverses course on masks, GOP digs in on…

Texas began mandating face coverings Friday on the orders of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who says some people “are not comprehending the magnitude” of the coronavirus outbreak

Is Diabetes Reversible?

Diabetes research has discovered new methods to reverse the adverse effects of the condition. Diet and exercise have become the main focus for those battling with the ailment.

Playstation 5 Will Offer an 'Evolution' in Sound

Playstation 5 Will Offer an 'Evolution' in Sound Sony has confirmed that the highly-anticipated console will include a 3D audio processing unit. It's possible the unit will represent a landmark moment for the PlayStation console series as a whole. Sony, via corporate strategy meeting Sony, via corporate strategy meeting Sony also explained that PlayStation 5 will offer gaming enthusiasts "experiences that were not possible before." The console is set for release later this year.

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Second wave of virus closures wallops California…

California restaurants are paying a heavy price during the coronavirus pandemic as indoor dining has been shut down for the second time across much of the state

Baseline: Trump Doubles

President Trump has been making overtures to his base, but will that be enough to return him to the White House? Dr. Steven Voss, University of Kentucky, Dr. Lincoln Mitchell, Columbia University and Matthew McDermott, VP of Whitmann Strategies weigh in. SCRIPT Recent high profile polling from the New York Times indicates that President Trump is losing ground in battleground states. With Joe Biden moving out ahead, the voters that shocked the nation and ensured the President's 2016 victory may not be there in 2020Matthew Mc Dermott, VP Whitmann Strategies0.27 "For Donald Trump to win again in 2020, he needs to expand his vote base. He needs to expand his electorate."What's more, regular Republican voters may not bet on red this Presidential election. Dr. Steven Voss, University of Kentucky 0.36 "Donald Trump's governance clearly has hurt him, even with constituents who conventionally vote republican."While the Biden campaign is scrambling to widen its lead by appealing to as many voting demographics as possible, the Trump strategy is to double down on the base of white, evangelical supporters. 0.55 Dr. Lincoln Mitchell, Columbia University "Within a few months of Trump being in office it was clear that he was not adding support."For Mr. Trump, the Tulsa Oklahoma rally -- and a visit to the border wall in Arizona indicate attempts to fire up the President's longtime base of supporters. One thing experts agree on, is that the national demographics do not favor the President. Matthew McDermott01.15 If every single voter who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 participated in 2020, there's no way he can win that election in large part because the electorates changed."But with several months to go, a loyal base and an expert campaign team behind him, the President's reelection campaign is far from over, and a well-timed change in strategy could change the race entirely.