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13 More Kids Reported Dead From Flu

Newser — Michael Harthorne

"It does like the peak is behind us now," CBS News quotes Dr. Dan Jernigan as saying. But the director of the CDC's Influenza Division says that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet, warning there's still "a fair amount of influenza to go." Jernigan says this flu season, which has been the worst in a decade, could continue until mid-April.

And despite signs the flu is finally letting up, it's still doing plenty of damage.

The share of doctor's visits related to the flu dropped from 7.5% last to week to 6.4% this week, USA Today reports.

And the number of states with high patient traffic related to the flu dropped from 43 to 39. Another 13 children were reported dead from the flu this week—bringing the total this flu season to 97—but that's down from the 22 child deaths reported last week.

While this year's flu vaccine is only 36% effective overall, it's 59% effective in children. Most the of children reported killed by the flu this week had not been vaccinated, and experts say parents should still be getting their children vaccinated even this far into the flu season.

Meanwhile, NBC News looks at why experts believe next year's flu vaccine will be mediocre at best.

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