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Wake Up — This Sinji Alarm Clock Is 66% Off!

StackCommerce — shannon

With so many gizmos and gadgets around the house, setting an alarm for the morning can get way more complicated than it has to be. That’s why people everywhere are loving the classic Sinji Alarm Clock that puts a modern twist on a beloved classic — and the fact that it’s incredibly affordable doesn’t hurt either.

There are a lot of things you depend on to get through the day, and besides a strong cup of coffee, your alarm clock is incredibly important. Not only does this Sinji Alarm Clock wake you up so you can start the day on time, but it also serves as a Bluetooth speaker that you can sync with your phone.  This way, you can rise and shine with your favorite tunes instead of that annoying buzzing sound (unless you like that sort of thing). While this alarm clock looks similar to the ones you grew up with, it’s actually wire-free, and charges via USB. It even supports hands-free calling and serves as a great speaker for when you’re milling about the house.

Right now, the Sinji Alarm Clock is a cool $19.99, 66% off its regular price. Good morning, indeed!