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13 EGGstra Fun Easter Activities for the Children


Looking for fun activities to enjoy on Easter Sunday with your family? Check out this mix of indoor and outdoor activities that children and families of all ages will enjoy.

  1. Egg Toss: Get some plastic eggs and an Easter basket. Have children stand behind a specific line marked with adhesive tape. Children will take turns throwing eggs into the basket. Whoever throws the most into the basket wins a small prize.
  2. Easter Cards: All you need is some paper, crayons, and scissors to make some adorable cards. Not only is this a fun activity but it is a great keepsake for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents.
  3. LEGO Easter Bunny: This Easter Bunny construction character features decorated eyes, movable ears and a detachable carrot and bucket. This is something kids of all ages can enjoy.
  4. Easter Family Story Writing: Get writing by holding a family story-writing competition. Help the younger children who may be unable to write but can still make up their own stories– they can tell their stories through drawing or you can write for them. This will make a great keepsake.
  5. Decorate an Easter Egg Tree: Do this indoor or outdoor depending on the weather. Use plastic eggs and any other spring decor. Put this on the tree, just as you would decorate the Christmas tree. This will be a colorful centre piece for your family and friends to admire.
  6. Egg and Spoon Race: All you need are hard-boiled eggs and spoons for each participant. Then let the racing begin. You can race individually or relay style.
  7. Watch Some Easter Movies Together: Why not sit down and watch some Easter classics together? One of my personal favorites is Hop. It is seriously cute and funny, which is sure to be a hit with the whole family.
  8. Guess the Jelly Bean Flavor: Buy a variety of fancy flavored jelly beans and have everyone guess the flavors. Why not add some Krispy Kreme jelly beans to the mix? No one will ever suspect those.
  9. Host a Teddy Bear Picnic: You can encourage children to bring some bunny friends– or any teddy bear of their choice. If weather permits, hold this outside, but if this fails, have an indoor picnic. Put out a colorful blanket to set the scene and serve up some bite-sized treats.
  10. Jelly Bean Guessing Game: Fill up a jar with jelly beans and have everyone guess how many are inside. The winner (the closest without going over) takes all.
  11. Easter Egg Hunt: Hide some Easter treats around the house or yard and have children go find them. This can be done in groups with children’s friends to make it all the more fun.
  12. Read Easter and Spring Books Together: Gather the children and curl up with a few good books about Easter, bunnies, and spring time.
  13. Make Chocolate Fondue From Easter Chocolate: Melt down some Easter chocolate, such as that giant chocolate bunny,  and dip some marshmallows and fresh fruits inside for a delicious treat.