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6 Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pi Day In The Office


Thursday, March 14 (3/14) is National Pi Day! It is a day to celebrate the mathematical constant Pi (π)– and we’ve put together a list of fun ways to do this in your office. Let the team building begin.

  • Do a Pi walk or run at lunch: Get healthy! The weather is getting a bit warmer (hopefully) so why not enjoy the outdoors. And if setting a time at lunch to go on a walk isa  bit tricky, why not set a step goal for the day; 3.14 miles is 6632 steps.
  • Combine math with eating in potluck fashion. You can make this a potluck by having staff bring in different pi-themed foods. Eat foods that begin with the letter Pi, such as pizza, pistachios, pita chips, pickles, pineapple, or pie. Also, eat foods that are round in shape, such as cookies, oranges, sushi, round crackers, meatballs, or cupcakes.
  • Have a pie baking competition in your office. Tell everyone to bring in their best pie, then have everyone try some and judge which one is the best. Reward colleagues for first, second, and third place.
  • Pi Fundraiser: Do a fundraiser for a local non-profit where for a donation of $3.14 or more, you can do something fun, such as wear jeans to work, take an extra half hour at lunch, or take home a mini pie– you can get creative with the rewards.
  • Wear math-themed apparel, such as a t-shirt with any of the numbers of pi. Why not make your colleagues laugh with this humorous play on Pi vs. pie  or have some fun with this one? Even take it a step further and wear round pie (yes, the food!) earrings.
  • Have a mid-afternoon pie break. Have the team take a break at 3:14 p.m. on 3/14 to enjoy pies in the break room. If your team prefers savory, why not make it pizza?

Can you think of more ways to celebrate Pi?