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7 Must-Buy Items For Back To School


School has just started or is just around the corner, so we’ve put together a list of supplies you’ll want to get to ensure your young learner (or you!) has everything he or she needs to succeed.

  • Calendar

Homework assignments, social events, sports practice—too many dates to keep track of, making a calendar a must-have item this school year. Carry along planners are great and can be easily brought along in a backpack for a quick check-in. For younger children or those who prefer a larger visual, a dry-erase monthly calendar is the way to go.

You never know when the rain might hit and you’ll want your scholar to be prepared with a small travel umbrella that can fit into his or her backpack.

  • Index Cards

Studying with index cards is a compact way to learn material. Writing it out will help retain the information and they can also easily be brought on-the-go to use as flash cards. We suggest these weather-proof cards.

Feeling dehydrated can be distracting, so ensure this doesn’t happen by equipping your learner with a water bottle.

These are a lifesaver with multiple uses. A tip is to have one for every subject, so binders don’t need to be brought home everyday. They can also be used to store loose papers to keep things organized and make sure nothing gets lost.

These are great for helping important information stand out, making it easy to find when you need it most. The colors also help some students retain information better, which helps tremendously when studying for tests.

These are great for writing quick notes about things that need to be done, or sticking them in places you’re bound to see so you don’t forget important dates. They also make for writing great motivational quotes to keep going. They also come in larger, lined pads.