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COLLAGEN: Wellness Trend To Watch In 2019


Collagen is a protein naturally found in our bodies- bones, joints, skin, hair, cartilages, ligaments, and gut. It is also found to help prevent stretch marks and reduce anxiety. It is the most abundant structural protein in our bodies.

The problem is, around the age of 30, our natural production of collagen begins to decrease, and so we don’t get enough. Collagen loss in our bodies can negatively affect our health, which is why it is important to start adding it into our diets.  But fear not- there are easy ways to do this.

We can add collagen to our diets by taking collagen capsule supplements each day, just as you would any other vitamin. And for those not keen on taking pills, there are even gummy vitamin versions available.

Collagen Peptides, unflavored powder that can be mixed into our coffee, oatmeal, soup, yogurt, smoothie, or sauce, is also a great option, so you can get your collagen without even realizing it. For Whole 30 and/or gluten-free followers, there is even a collagen powder made for you. Supplemental collagen is great for anti-aging, skin care, strengthening hair and nails, ligament and bone strength, and immune system health.

Collagen protein powders are also one of the cleanest types of protein powders, free of many additives typically used, so for those who like to know where their food comes from, this is the best protein powder to use.  Some top brands are this Dr. Axe’s Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Protein Powder and this Perfect Keto Protein Powder.

Collagen is the ultimate gut-healing superfood, and as such, it can now be found in more daily food products. For those looking to make a delicious soup, the best soup starts with a delicious broth. So why not get taste and nutrition with these Osso Good Bone Broth, which is whole30 approved. You can also get collagen protein bars, available in a variery of flavors such as Double Fudge Brownie, Vanilla, and Coconut Cashew.