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Must-Buy Gifts For The Donut Enthusiast In Your Life


Since Friday, June 7 marks National Donut Day, we thought we’d put together a list of ridiculously cute gifts the donut lovers. It’s time to buy some donut-inspired gifts in time for summer. We can’t deny how delicious donuts are but there is also something so aesthetically pleasing about them.

Here is a list of some clever gift ideas sure to make any donut lover smile:

Donut Inspired Birthday Party: Why not throw a donut inspired birthday party?! All the kids will love you for it, and we have all you need right here with this Donut Time table cloth and this donut party bundle, including napkins and party plates. For the party favors, put in these adorable mini-donut key chains and these donut pencils with erasers.

 Donut Fashion For Adults: Donuts give us a way to express ourselves and help us stand out. Give all your girlfriends one of these Donut Squad t-shirts and let everyone know who is in your squad.

Leggings are trendy. Why not take things to the next level with these ultra-soft donut leggings?

Ever wished for a six-pack? Let donuts help you get that coveted muscular definition with this unisex t-shirt. And why not relax in these colorful donut socks? The socks are made for both women and men. And, if that’s still not enough donut fashion, you can always get these casual donut or strawberry frosted donut house slippers.

 Rest and Relaxation

We all need some time to rest and relax, let this natural essential oils donut bath bomb kit set help you out.

Donut Mug and Coffee

We’ve all seen these adorable donut mugs on Pinterest, and now it’s time you get your own. You can choose from either sprinkled chocolate or strawberry frosted. Or why not go for triple donut with this large hand painted mug? And if you like to eat a donut with your coffee, you have to see this coffee mug with a slot to fit an actual donut. To go with the new mug, why not buy some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Homemade Donut Maker

For all those avid donut lovers, this will help save you time and money. Plus make your donuts healthier, since you get to choose what goes into them. Try this Wilton nonstick donut tray and make some donuts for yourself. To make it even easier, with Babycakes Mini Donut Maker, it’s as simple as placing your donut batter on the nonstick pan and making yourself some mini donuts within the comfort of your own home. And it even comes in purple.

Donut Recipe Book

Why not give the gift of baking with a donut cookbook to go with the donut maker? This mini donut cookbook showcases 100 bite-sized donut recipes to sweeten anyone’s day. Another great gift would be this Home Baker Doughnut cookbook, fit for any donut aficionado, be they a committed baker or a casual home cook.

Adorable Donut Inspired Baby And Kid Clothes

Set the trend with this popular colorful donut-inspired summer dress. If you’re looking for a unique and deliciously sweet gift to give to new parents, go with this newborn swaddle and receiving blanket; it’s adorable! And, this short sleeved donut romper, bodysuit, and headband is perfect for any sweet little baby girl. The material is soft and long lasting. People will be asking where you got it. And for a deliciously comfortable night’s sleep, try these Gymboree “Donut” Disturb pajamas.

 A Donut Pool Float In Time For Summer

It’s summer, which means spending time in the pool or on the beach. Either way the weather is all about being in the water.

These donut pool floats will help curb those donut cravings while you swim, or relax, in the pool long enough to burn a few calories. Then you won’t feel so bad about going to buy that freshly baked donut!

Get the donut to match your donut enthusiasts favorite donut. This delicious chocolate sprinkled donut pool float looks good enough to eat. Not into chocolate? What about this bitten strawberry frosted donut. If this is for your sweetie or loved one, why not give him or her this heart shaped one?

If the donut trend isn’t for you, check out today’s deals and limited-time sales?