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Best Ski Goggles

BGR — Chris Hachey

One of the best times of year for a lot of people is when it’s ski and snowboard season. Taking full advantage of the weather, being able to shred and thread down the mountain is an ideal day in some eyes. When you’re staring down your double black diamond runs or even the bunny slope, you’ll realize how hard it is to see when the sun is beating down on that white powder. That’s why you need ski goggles. They will protect your eyes and give you some shade when you’re flying down the mountain at warp speeds. Not only do they provide you with UV protection, but they stop any snow from getting into your eyes. There are plenty of options out there, so we’ve hand selected our favorites to give you some choices when you’re in the market for some ski goggles.

Best Variety of Ski Goggles

For those who like to wear some style while they’re heading to the slopes, you’ll want some ski goggles that are meant for you. By choosing ZIONOR X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles, you’ll have your pick of some awesome designs. With the ZIONOR Lagopus X4 Complete Goggles, you’re getting high performance and a solid and safe design. These goggles have an anti-fog treatment on them, so no matter what style of winter activity you’re performing, you’ll be able to see without a problem. There is a 100% UV400 protection coating, providing you with coverage against the sun. You’ll be able to choose from 24 different looks and styles that have various Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentages. So if you want an orange frame with a red lens or a black frame with a grey lens, you can get it. Each lens is held to the frame by eight magnets, so you can replace your lenses if you want for different terrains. You’ll get a spherical view, a 180° panoramic design for clear vision. It has a non-slip strap that will keep the goggles stationary. There are optimized vent channels that enhance the air flow and keep your goggles from accumulating fog. Each pair is backed by a one-year warranty.

Best Ski Goggles for Eyeglasses Wearers

Not everybody likes to wear contact lenses. For those who want to wear their glasses and still participate in skiing or snowboarding, they need a set of goggles that will fit over their glasses. The OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles are perfect for just that, which we love as you can rarely find something that caters to eyeglasses wearers. These are suitable for both adults and kids and the stretchable strap can be adjusted and make this pair of goggles work for anyone. Each pair has dual layer lens technology, as well as an anti-fog coating on the inner lens to give you a fog free ski or snowboarding experience. It offers safe and reliable UV protection as the lens is 100% UV400 protected. The frame is made of soft TPU that’s comfortable and flexible. These can fit over just about any helmet, so you won’t have to worry about it when you’re switching from skiing to snowboarding. It comes with its own carrying pouch, so you’ll be able to store it safely with your poles or skis. These goggles are backed by a one-year warranty.

Best Ski Goggles Pack

If you want to own two pairs of goggles or you want ones for you and your loved one, consider purchasing the COOLOO Ski Goggles Pack of 2. These are so versatile, they can fit with or without a helmet and they work for men, women, and children alike. They have an adjustable strap that is non-slip, so you can set it to the length you need and it’ll stay that way while on your head. You’ll receive two goggles that are each 0.085kg, meaning they’re very lightweight. Each are made out of an ABS frame and a PC lens that is safe for all users. These goggles are functional on the slopes, on the biking trails, or even when you’re skydiving and bungee jumping. There are 10 different options when it comes to style and color, so choose the ones that will best suit your activities, as the transparent ones are better for visibility purposes. These absorb UVA and UVB rays, even on overcast days. You no longer have to fear the wind, rain or chill in your eyes when you’re wearing these.

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