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Feral Hogs Destroy Forest Cocaine Stash

Newser — Rob Quinn

A group of drug traffickers heard on a wiretap complaining that pigs had found their cocaine stash weren't talking about the police. Authorities in Italy arrested four suspected traffickers after they heard them lament that a pack of wild boars had dug up a package of cocaine worth around $22,000 and scattered its contents in a forest in Tuscany, Fox reports.

The traffickers—one Italian citizen and three Albanians—had been under investigation since a drug-related murder last year. The Local reports that feral hogs have been proliferating in the Italian countryside, making life difficult for farmers and motorists as well as drug traffickers.

It's not clear what happened to the pack that dug up the drug stash. (Beachcombers in France have also been finding large quantities of cocaine.)

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