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'Shame on You': Cop Teaches Lesson to Gawkers

Newser — Evann Gastaldo

As rubberneckers gawked at a fatal accident on the Autobahn, a fed-up German police officer shamed them in an incident that's since gone viral. The scene caught on video for a documentary (video was originally posted only in German; see the version with English subtitles here) shows officer Stefan Pfeiffer stopping a driver who had been filming the crash site and asking him, "Look—come with me, I’ll show you something. Do you want to see the dead people? Pictures?"

Pfeiffer then led the apparently nervous driver toward a car containing the victim, Nottinghamshire Live reports.

When the man declined to walk any further, Pfeiffer asked, "No? You don’t want to see him? Then why do you take pictures?" A second driver got the same treatment, and both were fined about $144, which is the fine in Germany for taking unauthorized pictures of a crash scene, per the Local.

"Shame on you," Pfeiffer says in the video.

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