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You've Never Seen a Puppy Quite Like This

Newser — Arden Dier

An injured puppy found out in the cold in Missouri over the weekend has been appropriately named Narwhal for the tiny "unicorn horn" between his eyes. It's actually a second tail, about a third of the size of his actual tail, that serves no other purpose than making 10-week-old Narwhal "the coolest puppy ever," per KMBC.

"I saw the picture and I almost didn't believe it was real," Rochelle Steffen of Mac’s Mission animal rescue in Cape Girardeau tells USA Today.

"He was the cutest thing you've ever seen."

Staff at the shelter where Narwhal arrived Saturday plan to leave the tail in place unless it becomes a bother.

But veterinarian Brian Heuring says the tail—likely a congenital defect—doesn't wag, contains no bone, and isn't connected to the skull, meaning it shouldn't cause Narwhal any pain.

"I think this puppy has the opportunity to show people that being unusual is OK," Heuring says. Perhaps a Dachshund-mix, Narwhal will be adopted eventually, once he's had time to grow and recover from a foot injury.

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