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Baseline: Trump Doubles

President Trump has been making overtures to his base, but will that be enough to return him to the White House? Dr. Steven Voss, University of Kentucky, Dr. Lincoln Mitchell, Columbia University and Matthew McDermott, VP of Whitmann Strategies weigh in. SCRIPT Recent high profile polling from the New York Times indicates that President Trump is losing ground in battleground states. With Joe Biden moving out ahead, the voters that shocked the nation and ensured the President's 2016 victory may not be there in 2020Matthew Mc Dermott, VP Whitmann Strategies0.27 "For Donald Trump to win again in 2020, he needs to expand his vote base. He needs to expand his electorate."What's more, regular Republican voters may not bet on red this Presidential election. Dr. Steven Voss, University of Kentucky 0.36 "Donald Trump's governance clearly has hurt him, even with constituents who conventionally vote republican."While the Biden campaign is scrambling to widen its lead by appealing to as many voting demographics as possible, the Trump strategy is to double down on the base of white, evangelical supporters. 0.55 Dr. Lincoln Mitchell, Columbia University "Within a few months of Trump being in office it was clear that he was not adding support."For Mr. Trump, the Tulsa Oklahoma rally -- and a visit to the border wall in Arizona indicate attempts to fire up the President's longtime base of supporters. One thing experts agree on, is that the national demographics do not favor the President. Matthew McDermott01.15 If every single voter who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 participated in 2020, there's no way he can win that election in large part because the electorates changed."But with several months to go, a loyal base and an expert campaign team behind him, the President's reelection campaign is far from over, and a well-timed change in strategy could change the race entirely.