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6 Tips for a Safe Road Trip Amid COVID-19

6 Tips for a Safe Road Trip Amid COVID-19 With summer in full swing, many Americans are itching to travel after months of staying inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it’s still best to put your travel plans on hold if possible, here are six ways to stay safe on a road trip. 1. Pack a safety kit with enough masks, disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer for everyone. 2. Do extensive research on your destination in order to determine the current state of reopening and any regulations that may be in place. 3. If you have to stop and use a public bathroom, make sure to wear your mask, touch as few surfaces as possible and wash your hands appropriately. 4. Pack your own snacks in order to avoid having to stop and interact with other people. 5. Drive with your windows down in order to get airflow throughout your car and decrease any chance of virus particles lingering in the air. 6. Although it’s tempting to invite friends, only travel with people in your household that you’re already regularly exposed to.