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Scientists Seek 10,000 Dogs for Aging Study

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Scientists Seek 10,000 Dogs for Aging Study. The study is the largest-ever analysis of its kind. A pill meant to slow aging will be given to 500 of the test subjects. Researchers say they hope to use their results to figure out human longevity. . "What we learn will potentially be good for dogs and has great potential to translate to human health." - Co-director Daniel Promislow, via Associated Press. The study lasts five years and is being funded by the National Institute on Aging. Vet records and DNA samples will be required. Periodically, dog owners must fill out specific surveys. Throughout the process, dogs can live at home and not change up any of their normal activities. Veterinarian visits are also required. All types and ages of dogs can participate. If you would like to nominate your pup, go to