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The Most Popular Christmas Cookies in the United States

The Most Popular Christmas Cookies in the United States. With the holiday season upon us, people all over the United States are ready to start baking their favorite holiday cookies. . In an attempt to find out what those favorite cookies are other than chocolate chip, General Mills assembled a map of the most popular cookies by state. Their predictions were based on the number of visits payed to online recipes from Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Tablespoon. Classic peanut butter blossoms by Betty Crocker were found to be the country’s favorite, as it was the most-visited cookie recipe this year. The peanut butter treat took the number one spot in seven states: Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Kentucky, Nevada, Wyoming and South Carolina. . Sugar cookie M&M bars came in second on the chart, receiving the highest visits in Alabama, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. In third and fourth were sugar cookie cutouts and easy Italian Christmas cookies, each with the top spot in four states. . Some states were found to have their own unique cookie preferences, such as Ohio and New York. Ohio was the only state to name buckeye delights as their number one cookie, while New York was the only fan of black and white cookies